UFO Sightings NASA Shuts Live Video Feed As Massive UFO Appears! 1/6/2015

UFO Sightings NASA Shuts Live Video Feed As Massive UFO Appears! 1/6/2015 Toby Lundh ISS UFO Hunter Expert Manged To capture Stills Of A Massive UFO Just Out…
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UFO Sightings NASA Shuts Live Video Feed As Massive UFO Appears! 1/6/2015: 25 комментариев

  1. Why is no one addressing the fact that the guy took a photo of his monitor?

    For someone that is constantly monitoring a NASA feed, you would think he
    would know how to at least take a screen grab.

  2. Did not Jesus say that he´s not from this world? He also said that where he
    goes his disciples can not go at that time, but he promised to prepare for
    them a place, so that they would also be where he is! He said that in his
    fathers house are many flats, if that wouldn´t be like that, he wouldn´t
    have tell them about it. As Jesus was born the star of Betlehem shined
    upon him. Was that a UFO? The shepherds had a contact of the third kind as
    the angels appeared to them. When Jesus was transfigured on the mountain a
    bright cloud shined upon them, and they entered the cloud! Was that a
    UFO? Was mary impregnated by artificial insemnation? In the old testament
    we have the storys of Hezekiel with his explanation of flying objects and
    his expierience with this beings. Was that a contact of the fourth kind? Or
    let´s have a look on Moses and the Israelites, as God gave them the
    commandments he spoke out from a dark cloud, where smoke and fire and
    flashing lights came out of it! The whole ground and the mountain were

    Te church made a fairy tale of all this stuff! We are on a prison- planet
    here on earth, and there´s war in heaven like described in the new
    testament. It´s a battle and we are on the way to be deceived by a big lie
    and a new world order, that will install their false Messiah! Take care
    don´t be deceived! UFOS and Aliens are real.

  3. does anyone remember when discovery channel had that episode about military
    aircraft and they said like 4 years ago that the next war might take place
    in space to protect important satellites and so on…. well i think we are
    here. and now with laser weapons i think we can say STARWARS!! 

  4. Move along, move along. Nothing to see here. This is simply a weather
    balloon that has left the Earth’s atmosphere just at the moment scientists
    on board the ISS were releasing swamp gas into outer space doing an
    environmental experiment. The effect you are seeing on the weather balloon
    mixed with the swamp gas in outer space is what causes such visual
    anomalies. Not to mention the moon glow which is refracting off the surface
    of said weather balloon.

  5. I completely believe this guy. I don’t believe he is a hoaxer at all. While
    one could argue he digitally superimposed that picture of the spaceship or
    whatever it is, one cannot argue that NASA suddenly cut the live feed.
    FACT! If that is not a spacecraft of some sort, then I don’t know what
    is. There are incredible things happening right now. We are truly living in
    interesting times. What a damn pity the government controls these cameras.
    From my research on many topics I don’t trust the U.S government as far as
    I can spit. This is a prime example why. Now they want to get rid of all
    the cameras around the ISS for good. Why….? Here is how we can get to the
    bottom of it — Let NASA release the footage that was cut off and let an
    analyst on digital photography examine the footage (if that UFO is not on
    the footage) to see if it was digitally erased from the footage. If NASA
    refuse to release that footage, then I think we can all use our common
    sense to see what is going on here.


  6. ok quick question if nasa can cut the feed to the live video then why
    hasn’t anyone/team sent their own device into the earths orbit that can
    shoot live vid? i know the device would have to be going like 238mph ( not
    100% on the speed) to enter orbit around earth and has to be in the
    «invisible» orbit ring. a few engineers could do that with a satellite the
    size of a shoe box. i kinda think it would be cool to see a backyard team
    do this 

  7. Most of these are man made, the rest you can call interdemensional but the
    world knows them as demons. They are supernatural (not of nature in the
    physical sense).

  8. So out of the hundreds, possibly thousands of people watching this live
    feed, you guys were the only ones that caught this, or recorded it?
    Bullshit, hoax, bullshit hoax.

  9. I have 2 videos with ufo/orb over Edmonton Alberta
    May 6/2013 ( my videos give details)

    I wAs video recording a jets contrails and spotted this very bright bright

    Another man spotted 2 orbs moving over the community of bluequill that same

    The skies were clear…i have still photos and video up to 200x zoom

    Never seen anything like it and i am a photographer and look up all the time

    Also have video sent to Suspicious Observers but i know they are busy on
    tour travelling 20,000 miles so far. Or km? Think he said miles.

    So look at my video and leave a comment and i will send a link


    Aurora borealis outside at 2a.m. Tonight


  10. Anyone who believes in ‘thirdphaseofmoon’ is either retarded or blinded by
    lies. Stop posting UFO crap on the front page of Yahoo. If I were
    president, I would make sure UFO subjects never see the light of
    day…anyone who refuses to go to a prison camp will be tortured or burnt

  11. My message to the Top hackers in the world , pleaseeeeee break in Nasa
    servers and get all the secret video clips and photos .

    Only hackers can Expose Nasa lies ! 

  12. It would be nice if these UFO videos did not use the creepy space music for
    effect. It is cheating and a form of mind manipulation. Let the videos
    speak for themselves.

  13. I stopped at 0:24 at thought «I’m watching a youtube video from someone who
    made a youtube video about someone who made a youtube video showing a
    laptop playing a youtube video from someone on youtube who recorded a video
    frome someone ….» damn WTF? X-(

  14. UFO means unidentified flying objects, it doesn’t necessarily mean little
    green men. It could just as easily be one of the US’s black projects which
    I think is more likely than ET.

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