UFO Sightings Of 2014 (April) Part 3

UFO Sightings Of 2014 (April) Part 3

UFO Sightings Of 2014 (April) Part 3 Some of the best UFO footage from April 2014. Other UFO Videos: UFO Mysteries: UFO Filmed Over Northern Las Vegas. (MUFO…
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UFO Sightings Of 2014 (April) Part 3: 15 комментариев

  1. Thanks !
    Yet i am not sure what we’re looking at in the first footage ..; is this
    really a beam, is the flare directly related to that streak of «light» ?
    I won’t ask why Nasa didn’t come forward but , aren’t there people able to
    give a more definite answer on What It Is ???….or did they and they said
    , it Is a Laser and it was fired at the sun for …recharging batteries ,
    Anyways great videos as always !!

  2. i like it if its real who knows mabe. i ve seen strange lights couple of
    times in greece.the one make me believe was too close with strange course,
    slow and voiceless and disapierd after a couple of miles in the night sky

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