UFO Sightings The Citizen Hearing Interview Stephen Bassett Special Report 2013 Watch Now!

full archives at https://www.citizenhearing.org/webcast_archive.html Famed exopolitician Stephen Bassett joins us on Thirdphaseofmoon radio to discuss a pivot…

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UFO Sightings The Citizen Hearing Interview Stephen Bassett Special Report 2013 Watch Now!: 25 комментариев

  1. The audio of this video is one big editing clusterfuck of a nightmare. One
    minute there’s Stephen Bassett, then it cuts to something completely
    different about Myrtle Beach sightings….then it cuts BACK to Stephen’s

    You guys need to learn to edit better. Make different videos for each
    thing. Label your videos properly. For the love of all that is good, PLEASE
    get your acts together with this editing stuff. .

  2. LMFAO~so now we are going to have to PAY to hear information?? why don’t
    you dumb people please wake up…what a freaking hoax this shit
    is…another side show for the idiots…another way to make money off of
    the sheeple…I won’t pay one fucking penny…either shit or get off the
    toilet!!! I am glad I am the sperm that won..and I’m smarter than a 5th
    grader….keep the show going as long as the people sleep..what a joke

  3. just click on my name and it should take u to my channel…i have a great
    recent one named 140 degree turn at breakneck speed ufo melbourne 12/04/13
    but have many other great captures of orbs and discs….im actively
    documenting heavy activity around melbournes northern suburbs youd be
    amazed what happens in daylight hours..

  4. Brazil was the first, then France, Russia, the United Kingdom. They all
    released their UFO files, the USA is so important why? People will believe
    only in the American files? The other countries are not acceptable WHY?

  5. [Wayworld01] «Not broadcast for the world to see! Only those who can
    pay»… Wow, I can’t believe that people are complaining about $3.80. It
    costs more than that, just for a drink form a takeaway shop. This event
    cost $1.6 million dollars to organise and host.. Don’t forget that when you
    watch the NEWS on TV you pay for it indirectly, by having to endure
    countless Advertisments. Also, newspapers you have to pay for. By your
    logic you should not believe TV News or Newspapers.

  6. Great hearings , was really good info and new details on many historique
    events on UFO. Thanks so sory big media press and tv totaly block the
    info…they really want this subject to stay secret…thanks for internet

  7. For our government to tell the public that UFO’s/aliens exist, that’s the
    easy part… But they also know, it’s impossible to put the lid back on
    that «can of worm» once it’s officially acknowledged. It’s a «damn if you
    do — damn if you don’t» issue they have been grappling with for decades.
    The ramifications in virtually all areas of our «stable» monetary driven
    society will be huge, and can quickly spiral out of control.

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