UFO Sightings The Sirius Documentary World Premiere Watch Now! 2013

UFO Sightings The Sirius Documentary World Premiere Watch Now! 2013

Watch Now The Entire Film «Sirius» Click Link! https://www.yekra.com/sirius/#!/deployment_code=68884729mltvst UFO Sightings The Sirius Documentary World Premi…

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UFO Sightings The Sirius Documentary World Premiere Watch Now! 2013: 26 комментариев

  1. I filmed what I thought was the moon on the evening of Jan 2, 2013. I
    looked at another video of the moon from Jan 2, 2013, it looks very
    different. Now I’m not so sure what it was I filmed. It looks like the
    moon, but the shadow was in a different place and there are strange lights
    on it. watch?v=jZBQsoz0Lko

  2. keap up the good work n don’t mind the dum asses that coment bad on the
    film if you don’t like it change the chanel o n would love to c trauma13579
    eat hes own excrement ill pay to c that lol

  3. Dr Greer has been promising us ‘disclosure’ for years now — and we’re no
    further forward that I can see. Now some of his claims are leaning towards
    the bizarre. I’ve followed his progress for years because I thought at
    first he was genuine. I’m a believer in alien life — how could you not be,
    given the size of just our Milky Way — but I need more than just his word —
    or anybody else’s — that he has the proof. Put up or shut up.

  4. my suspicions about Greer came when researching in this so called
    conspiracy theory arena that he was or is funded by the Rockefeller s ,that
    should send warning bells in any ones language ,and if your asking why GO

  5. Just watched the whole of Sirius, full admiration for Steven Greer, it’s a
    big, bold step, a little confused they didn’t do their research on the
    ‘Life Hack 2012’ YouTube video !! Come on, 2 neo magnets and a copper wire
    would not illuminate a 12v car interior bulb 🙂

  6. Although I like this video showing the premiere, I think it seems
    supportive of this channel to do this. But I still can’t forget one of your
    videos showing a monster in the philippines attacking an old man and the
    old man being interviewed at some location in the philippines and the son
    who was interviewed, sounded to me like he had a Hawaiian accent.

  7. After watching the 2001 Press Conference of all the UFO testimony and the
    apparent passion of Greer for the truth i’m disappointed that this Sirius
    documentary seems to be all about monetary profit.

  8. There’s an abundance of government (any) evidence including radar, pics and
    video.Not to mention the ex defense minister for Canada stating they are
    real and we have made deals with them the head of the UFO dep in MOD in
    England say they are real.I think they would know better than you!

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