UFO Sightings TOP UFOs Of April 2014 Free Full Length Documentary Watch Now!

UFO Sightings TOP UFOs Of April 2014 Free Full Length Documentary Watch Now!

UFO Sightings TOP UFOs Of April 2014 And We Just Got Started! Watch Now! Incredible Videos from around the WORLD Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon For the 1st 10…
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UFO Sightings TOP UFOs Of April 2014 Free Full Length Documentary Watch Now!: 25 комментариев

  1. yep, again little dots in the sky, nothing clear, I want to see a space
    ship ! until now, with millions of cellular phones equipped with very good
    camera, no-one ever filmed a clear UFO. I want to believe but I want facts.

  2. Anyone who wants to believe in UFOS never saw one? I have tips without
    really trying can see them their self. No need for spiritual beggars or
    special equipment during the day. Comment me if you would like to know how?
    Without trying I’ve seen five in four weeks.

  3. Those Trolls and ignorant stubborn humans that are too scared to realize
    whats going on today know whom to attack with their quotes and not to
    attack; I destroy stubborn creatures mentally for a living come at me so we
    can divide whos real and whos a waste of human blood.

  4. What a crock. Not a single clear picture of anything that can be proven
    real, and not a hoax. Dots of light moving around. They all look like
    reflections off of glass. None of these could be bugs, birds, or dust. 13:34
    is a lighted blimp. As far as the interviews, anyone could make a video of
    people sharing their beliefs. Especially five or six people. I wonder if
    the last interview was done in a rubber room. I also wonder if Paul Barret
    was a pornography music composer, before being paid to make tracks for this
    and other video’s from third phase of moon.

  5. hey ed snot who you are that interests them it’s what you are — oh and
    btw to answer your thought you do sound arrogant «oh yes well i shall check
    my archives for tidbits that may interest the uninitiated etc……

  6. The best footage is where the «orb(s)» stop and change direction. I believe
    there’s intelligent life coming to our planet. For all the skeptics, I say
    look at the mathematical odds for intelligent to exist on the billions of
    inhabitable planets out there, and then contemplate the odds of those
    civilizations being more advanced than our own. Just because we don’t know
    how to get «there» doesn’t mean «they» don’t know how to get «here». Look
    how far we have come in the last 50 years. You also have to factor in our
    Military technology. They are at least 20 years ahead of commercial
    technology. It makes me laugh(or cry haha) when mainstream people still
    think of UFOs as Sci-Fi, and UFO «believers» as lunatics. If you think we
    are all alone in our Galaxy, much less the Universe, you are lazy at best.
    There is far more than enough Evidence out there if you look. Hopefully in
    the next decade or so, the Human Race can let go of this ignorant paradigm
    that we are All Alone in some far away solar system. It has to be rough on
    the ego to admit you are not the supreme intelligent species you thought
    you were. We have revelled in the notion of this Supremecy for far too
    long. If UFOs and Extraterrestrials could be debunked, they would have been
    long ago. Instead of fearing and denying the unknown, let’s acknowledge it
    and try to understand it. Our Military is. Great Video. Thank you.

  7. Very convincing orb craft especially doing right angle turns and backward
    maneuvers that alone indicates some manner of controlled flight not to,
    could they be some sort of data retrieval probes perhaps?

  8. I respect TFM and watch a lot of their stuff but this particular video is
    not very compelling and only feeds the cynicism and arguments of the

    It takes much closer and clearer daylight shots to make the case for real
    UFO sightings.

    We keep forgetting that the most dramatic and convincing UFO sightings of
    all time was the 1952 UFO squadron of 5 or 6 saucer -shaped ships flying
    over the WHITE HOUSE.

    This was before video fakery and and before the never-ending adversarial
    UFO debating arena.

    That event made it to all the mainstream media and was the subject of a
    serious investigation by the military…but we never really heard about it

    People who are skeptics always keep asking; if these UFO’s are real and
    there is alien visitation, why do they not make » formal» contact ?

    Flying over the White House seems to be as close as showing an intent to
    making formal contact as we could ask for…so what happened to this event
    and the aftermath ?

  9. Dude, I really don’t care to be disrespectful here, but a great many of
    your videos come across FAKE. I see many that give me good cause to at
    least contemplate their validity. Exact opposite to your videos. Are you
    just cashing in on a very frightening issue ? I say that because if anyone
    out there thinks this issue is not frightening, ya got ya head up ya
    In a court of law anywhere around the globe, 12 million and counting
    witnesses recounting abductions, sightings and life changing after effects
    and too death as a result of contact would be a slam dunk win.
    I am not stupid enough, some argue that, to think I can label all these
    witnesses as loonies from the park. But a majority of third phase vids.

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