UFO Sightings Up & Down California Mass Scale Event NEWS 1-2-2014

Many UFO reports all over Carolina Including Crop Circles = https://youtu.be/EnVIoL2SKV4 Source = https://www.news10.net/news/article/267425/2/UFO-sightings-re…
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Breaking News UFO Sightings Controversial Video!! New Abductee Footage! Footage Submitted To Thirdphaseomfoon from «Ed» Is This The Real Deal? Ed Claims He S…

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UFO Sightings Up & Down California Mass Scale Event NEWS 1-2-2014: 50 комментариев

  1. I saw these orange lights in Newman CA on New Years Eve, one of them came
    down close to the ground & started flashing different colors, it was
    bizzarre i’ll never forget that night.

  2. My wife and I witnesses something really out of the ordinary, in broad
    daylight on Thursday May 5th 2011. We had just moved From Brisbane to a
    mining town in Central Queensland, Australia. We were traveling from
    Ipswich hospital, which is not too far from Brisbane. The morning was foggy
    and damp, but as we drove about 300kilometers it cleared to a beautiful
    sunny day. After passing Dalby we witnessed a strange craft flying across
    the road, left to right in front of us. It was quite close. I estimate
    about 500 meters above and about the same in front. The craft had no wings
    and was not like anything I have ever seen before. It appeared to be
    landing.It was a beautiful light green shimmering, shiny colour. It had a
    whitish vapor trail behind it. It wasn’t visible for more than a minute
    because of tall gum trees on both sides of the road.(we were driving
    through dense bushland) We were both in shock and didn’t speak of our
    experience for a few minutes to each other. We don’t know what it was to
    this day.
    I have believed in UFO’s since seeing an Unidentified Flying Object for my
    self, since then. My wife and I are ordinary, sane people, with nothing to
    gain by making a false statement. I hope all is revealed in my lifetime.Ps
    another motorist also saw the same object. 

  3. Sorry to disappoint, but I experienced seeing them myself. At first I was
    quite shocked and unsure of what I was seeing until I got a closer look. In
    succession they flew up, paper lanterns that my neighbors were lighting
    into the sky. For reference as to why; in China and Japan it is common for
    the new year to write down a wish and to let it burn. Some go to temples,
    shrines and some will light lanterns at home or festivals. I had hoped in
    the back of my mind that maybe I would experience the phenomenon of a UFO,
    but that was not so.

  4. «speed increasing all control is in the hands of those who know. Will they
    help us grow. To one day be star riders? Star rider…take me to the
    stars…Star rider…Show me where you

  5. I’m pissed off with lights hovering. I want some shocking footage that
    makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. All these sightings is
    the same old shit. I’m fucking sick to death with it!

  6. When the jew controlled media starts covering UFOs.. something is going on.

    As always with these zionist cockroaches, whatever they are up to, it isn’t
    going to be anything good. Are they preparing the sheeple for an alien
    false flag attack??? Another event for them to make us safer by taking
    away more rights and stealing more wealth??

  7. I’ll tell you what I think. I think you guys need to decide whether you
    want to be taken seriously or if you are just aiming for youtube views.
    I’ve seen great footage, I’ve considered to be genuine, you guys have
    posted, but this is ridiculous. And please don’t reply that you post
    anything you think is interesting, because this just isn’t. Sorry to be so
    crass, but you kinda have an opportunity to make a difference because you
    get as many views as you do. There is plenty of genuine footage because
    UFO’s are out there, in my belief. I can’t subscribe to you guys until you
    ixnay the BS.

  8. It looks pretty real to me. Gave me goosebumps when I first saw it
    spinning. The naysayers will come up with all sorts of ideas to debunk it
    but I’ve read about ships like these and this one appears to be a new model.

    It’s quite breathtaking to look at. Thanks for this Ed and the guys at

  9. If anyone video taped a UFO they would leave the whole video running, I
    find it amazing that everyone gets these small clips and never any long
    length videos. I want to see why he was filming to begin with and how the
    tape started and ended, of course he cut the video to 40 seconds because
    then we would all see how foolish this really is. lol

  10. The only true UFO videos out there are videos from pilots and army, and
    testimonies from high ranked military. Those can’t be faked, but 99.99%
    videos are fake, and this is another fake piece of shit.

  11. imho.3rdphase shuld disable comments and rates..
    cuz most of humanity is STUPID IDIOTIC MORONS…PERIOD.

  12. ThirdPhaseOfMoon is quickly becoming a total joke.I’m not skeptical about
    life other than that of earth,but putting out every pic.or vid. without any
    discrimination of its authenticity is only diluting the potentially real
    deal.Ive looked at so called evidence that seems obviously fake on 3rd
    phase. It is getting old fast.

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