UFO — Strangers In The Night (Full Album 1979)

My favourite live album of all time, as I like to call it, Schenker In The Night.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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UFO — Strangers In The Night (Full Album 1979): 25 комментариев

  1. UFO recorded this album at the international Ampitheater in Chicago. The
    Ampitheater fell on hard times in the years after this concert, eventually
    closing…leading to it’s demolition in 1999. I can only imagine that the
    ground where the theater stood still holds the energy released by this band
    through their music that night in 1978… and that the piles of broken
    concrete, steel and wood that once made up the ampitheater still resonate
    to the melodies of Schenker’s guitar work.

    UFO kicked ass.

  2. 00:00 Intro/Natural Thing
    03:53 Out In The Street
    09:02 Only You Can Rock Me
    13:15 Doctor Doctor
    18:04 Mother Mary
    21:33 This Kids
    26:25 Love To Love
    34:37 Lights Out
    39:43 Rock Bottom (Song is cut off)
    __:__ Too Hot Too Handle ( Song is missing)
    __:__ I’m A Loser (Song is missing)
    46:10 Let It Roll (Song is out of order and a duplicate)
    51:24 Too Hot To Handle
    55:55 I’m A Loser
    1:00:06 Let It Roll
    1:04:58 Shoot Shoot

    Great album, but it’s a litte rough to listen to it like this. Please
    reload if possible. Thanks


  3. His genius shows at 23:12 an many others, when he effortlessly adds those
    wicked little riffs. Feel the live version of «This Kids» is their best!
    You can play it 100 times and feel a different vibe each time!

  4. So so sorry to hear of the loss of such a venue. one of the best British
    live albums ever made without a doubt began with «Good evening Chicago,
    would you please welcome from England …U…F..O

  5. Saw them in the 80s with Paul Chapman and shortly after Schenker with his
    own group. I think «Rock Bottom» — this version (curtailed on this upload
    for some reason) is my favourite guitar solo of all time. Certainly played
    it enough.

  6. I’m taking Eddie Trunk’s word about this album to just give it a try and
    i’m glad i did…i’m 45 y.o. and this is my first time ever hearing it and i
    like it a lot … never heard of UFO till Eddie Trunk

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