UFO Truth 2013 Gary Heseltine

The 2013 UFO Truth Magazine lectures close with founder, editor and publisher of the online magazine, Gary Heseltine presenting Five Cases with Evidence. Fol…
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UFO Truth 2013 Gary Heseltine: 24 комментария

  1. rendlesham was just a psychological operation performed on the airbase with
    our own advanced technology with beam technology and plasma technology…no
    ets im afraid but this has given the game away of the advanced craft and
    advanced physics that they are keeping secret from the world

    felt very patronized!! Not bad for a country plod though. But cut out the
    «If Jimmy had one apple and Jane had two» bullshit

  3. This guy is a total boob. Like many terrible UFO «researchers», he confuses
    certain key facts. One of the most obvious is the common assumption that
    Unidentified Flying Object = alien spaceship. I don’t care if you prove
    that 75 BILLION strange lights were seen by every man, woman, and child on
    the planet, this in no way proves aliens are visiting Earth. How do you
    rule out an unknown weather event or an unknown physics phenomenon? This
    assumption that any light that isn’t a plane or a helicopter is
    automatically an alien spaceship plagues the UFO community. Practically all
    of the best known UFO researchers are guilty of it. With the exception of
    maybe 2 or 3 cases, practically every single UFO case boils down to a light
    that probably isn’t a plane or a helicopter. The best thing that could EVER
    happen to the UFO community is for REAL RESEARCHERS who understand such
    basic concepts to get involved. To this date, I have only ever seen one,
    just one, UFO «researcher» who wasn’t honestly a freaking idiot. Just one.

  4. Lost me at the tether incident. It’s space debris. Not once does ANY of the
    shapes/ufos go in any other direction than where their inertia is taking
    them. I wish they did!

  5. Blind leading the blind . They exist but its all a lie, just as everything
    else is from birth to death . They dont want people to know what they are ,
    they are CFO`s covert flying objects . Btw this did not start with the
    nazis , same old lame propaganda or uninformed BS . Sorry but got to say as
    I see it . See some of my uploads with personal footage and explain what is
    happening. One hidden agenda is how they using the tech to spy on so called
    civilized populations in connection with NSA and GCHQ. Non humans are
    involved, cant say they are aliens but I do have a picture of one watching
    me in my back door in a pod in sky . With several hundred sighting I would
    say that there are several different destinations other than earth . See my
    ufos in ancient art upload and others . Peace

  6. Very good lecture.
    I’m still not sure about the tether ufo though.
    Here’s an explanation of the optical illusion if anyone is interested:-

  7. That was a very interesting lecture. Although I enjoyed it a lot, I was
    kind of surprised he didn’t mention the name Chris French when asked by the
    guy in the audience if he had ever been challenged on his beliefs. I’ve
    never forgotten the heated debates they had together on ITV’s This Morning
    a year or two ago.

  8. Switched off after 2.01. This sort of poor research does us no favours. We
    know full well what is in the picture and many other like it; during the
    period of the renaissance in which that painting and others were
    commissioned it was the tradition to paint the sun or the moon as faces,
    objects or people, Watch:


  9. Hi there, If you haven’t seen Richplanet.Net new DVD, I urge you to. UFO’S
    AND NATO «The Human Mutilation Cover Up» I am from the part of the area
    they talk about, & this shows that my farther & I are not mad, & this
    proves it!! Thanks Miles.

  10. Excellent material and delivery. Please invest in a good fluid head tripod
    for future recordings. The g forces on your panning were greater than a
    ufo’s. If you need any help don’t hesitate to call.

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