UFO WARNING! ALERT! The armies of the world are preparing for war with Aliens ??

UFO WARNING! ALERT! The armies of the world are preparing for war with aliens (Part One) Robert Hastings, a long-time UFO researcher, who collated the information, said at a press conference…

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UFO WARNING! ALERT! The armies of the world are preparing for war with Aliens ??: 25 комментариев

  1. On the assumption that aliens are a more advanced race, they would have
    realised that war solves nothing, they would be able to predict events (as
    we do) but to a much more effective standard, They have probably watched us
    kill each other for 1000’s for years and we wonder why they have never made
    themselves known. If you were walking through the woods and you saw a group
    of savages killing their own would you approach them or would you assume
    danger and keep your distance ? 

  2. If an alien race wanted to wipe out humanity, they would have done it
    already… There is a deeper meaning to the alien presence on this planet
    and attempting to strike fear into humanity is pandering to the TPTB… 

  3. Governments and there military industrial complex are shit scared and no
    that they are inferior and are nowhere as powerful or in control as they
    like to believe they are.

  4. great vid and those aliens are demons. they are no such thing as a friendly
    alien who lies and abduct people. i know people has seen them and they are
    not what they seem. this is a warning.

  5. The UFOs are simply «wicked spirit forces in heavenly places», according to
    the oldest book called the Bible. They are Not benevolent either but
    rather, malevolent. Their game is to take our focus off of current events
    at hand & to mislead all of mankind. Have no dealings with them at all &
    remember that Drugs are a door to the Demons, or fallen angels under Satan.
    They are all slated for destruction at Armageddon & want to take us all
    down with them. Stay clean from drugs!

  6. Oh so now the Goverment is going to prepare for war with them LOL wow what
    happened they been working with these demon aliens for years now they want
    war with them. RED FLAG folks something is up but its not war with them .

  7. I love the fact that operation shield was to kill an Allen force when I was
    personally involved in the exercise and not Amy of the reports done stated
    anything you just claimed

  8. The only thing that our governments are preparing for is an attack on its
    own citizens! It
    is time to face the fact that all governments are run by evil psychopathic

  9. This is all bull shit.I would not say this if I could not prove it the bad
    aliens are pulling a red flag out of their ass trying to make you believe
    this shit and it’s only the bad aliens that will attack leaving you to
    believe that the aliens already on the earth are your friends so they will
    be considered your heros. This I have heard is in the bible. The good
    aliens will not attack.

  10. I believe if the aliens wanted to do us harm, we would be useless against
    them as is evident from they can do, anyway all they have to do is sit
    back, as it seems to me that all these so called world leaders seem
    hellbent on destroying all humanity and lead us into a depression that
    mankind has never even imagined even in our worst nightmare, my wish is
    that they would take out all these f,,,,,g warlords and their banksters,
    then maybe there would be a chance for the average joe and jolene,s of this

  11. The Ancient Alien show among many others makes a compelling case for ET. If
    there are ETs on US, Russia and China soil or elsewhere in the world it has
    been shared at the highest levels only. Citizens of the world won’t know
    until an ET action is overt. The world leaders have voted and agreed to
    this to prevent world civilization uprising.

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