UFO With Alien Head Sticking Out On Google Earth Map, June 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: June 2014 Location of discovery: Trout Creek, Montana Source: Email report to UFO Sightings Daily Coordinates: 47°51’17.60″N , 115°36’42.6…

Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: https://whynotnews.eu/?p=2143 ~new: https://danielofdoria.whynotnews.eu ~sub: https://youtube.com/UfoDisclosure2012 ~credits: …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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UFO With Alien Head Sticking Out On Google Earth Map, June 2014, UFO Sighting News.: 50 комментариев

  1. Although Scott Waring is out of his mind most of the time, and sees things
    in Mars rocks that are not alien artifacts, but indeed only rocks, so he
    does have a big imagination; that being said, I agree in this case that he
    may have found an actual alien. These alien «excursion craft» (which are
    launched from Cigar craft, which are intra-solar; a larger interstellar
    mother ship is likely parked on the dark side of the moon, or in orbit
    somewhere). Anyway, these planetary craft, which have been sighted with
    alien occupants in Turkey as well, have been seen on Google Earth before.

    The image Scott refers to could be a lens flare, but it could also be a
    ‘cloaked’ ufo — their propulsion/ anti-gravity systems cause these craft to
    have a kind of cloaking or obscuring of the physical craft itself. It is
    possible that the alien’s head was outside of the field, and thus the
    camera caught some photons of the image.
    So folks, I too want to know what these guys are doing here. we are seeing
    a LOT of activity lately; are they going to help us, or invade us? I’d like
    to meet one of these ETB’s, and get to know them.

  2. When images are pixelated or blurry the human mind will pattern match
    randomness to try and make sense of it. Seeing animals and faces in clouds
    is a good example. Anyway, this is stupid. 

  3. You’re losing any credibility you have, OR should I say HAD!!! Its people
    like you with posts like this, that do the disclosure efforts absolutely NO
    GOOD!!! This is as bad as anything that Thirdphaseofmoon has to post!!!

  4. I always find these «found in Google maps» UFO’s suspicious, I mean come
    on………..who’s doing the searching and why aren’t they at work. If
    you’ve got that much time to piss away I doubt you would be doing this, i
    find it odd that a lot of these «sightings» lately have come from Google

  5. Google Street View is known to bug, and cut photos in half because of the
    speed the car is going, moron, this might just be the Sun but bugged.

  6. Why doesn’t the perspective of the UFO change at all even when you are
    further away on the google streetview car. its at the same pitch and yaw it
    never changes?

  7. Why do people still believe these made up UFO videos is beyond my belief.

    Yes, other beings do live out there. But I can bet, that if they are
    technological enough to travel those vasts distances across space and spot
    other intelligent life and habitable worlds, they wont just do a flyby a
    get over with it. They will make contact years before they reach us. We
    will spot them months before they reach earth.

    And im pretty sure it wont be a small round ship with 2, or 3 green little
    aliens circling around earth.

  8. Oh my god… Those scenes make me really scared about the existence of
    Many airplanes in the proximity of the surface of Earth and some objects
    being launched, and other objects that are orbitting our planet
    (satelites!!!) are real amazing…

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