UFO World Exclusive Top Secret Information Exposed? Majestic 12 Reports!

TOP Secret U.S. Chairman of Majority 12 Community Tony Mareno Claims He Is in Charge Of 6 Billion Humans and Has Full Power To Change The World, And Release …
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UFO World Exclusive Top Secret Information Exposed? Majestic 12 Reports!: 50 комментариев

  1. What a joke. For a chairman of that stature, you’d expect a degree of
    confidence in speech. It’s a stammer-fest is what this is. The first caller
    asked a simple question and he stammers on through and didn’t even answer

  2. Every time this guy tries to talk, he gets cut off with stupid questions
    from the Radio Host. If this guy was truly legit, they just blew it. I
    love this channel, and no offense to the Radio Host, but he needs to take
    lessons from George Noory- the best Host on this planet.

  3. If 85% of the population give tony there unreserved permission to advance
    our species by way of a vote to disclose the truth and give masses of
    people jobs and give us world peace free energy etc. then I would be proud
    to give tony my permission to do so, lets put it to the vote and see how
    many open minded souls would see the bigger picture and agree, after all
    what have we got to loose if only our slave like existence to the rich
    materialists of this planet.

  4. Here are some real questions that should be asked.
    1:- Will they attack us?
    2:- Do they mean us any type of harm?
    3:- What exactly do they want from us?
    4:- Where do they come from?
    5:- Can we defend our selvs if they did attack?
    6:- Are there any more out there that has us on there list?
    7:- If they did attack us at some time, are there any friendly aliens out
    there to defend us?
    8:- Do we truly know the bad ones out there?
    9:- Can we defend our selvs from any of them?
    10:- If they are friendly to wards us all, then we don’t need to be afraid
    do we?
    11:- Can they trust us as we can trust them?

    What do you all think?
    The questions may not be in a right order but all the same questions that I
    would like to be answered.

  5. In my estimation, this is a plot to discredit our true creator, our true
    Lord, and bring in a false alien invasion. They need to destroy our faith
    in order to succeed, and they are going to fail miserably.

  6. Yup, the Malaysian airline was time warped to another dimension. How far
    from reality can we get? There’s a logical explanation as to what happened
    to the plane. Problem is we do not know what that explanation is. 

  7. In the 30’s people didn’t have a wide enough knowledge of these beings. Now
    aliens are on everyones minds all the time. Hysteria would break out if
    Elvis suddenly rocked up from the dead..but bring it on with the aliens.
    Welcome to this shit hole!

  8. EXPOSED!!!! I did not know this Antonio Moreno had his own Youtube channel
    with only 4 subs??? LOL wow haha fake ass interview! This old man even
    subscribe to a gaming channel called, SpaceSnipers. This is Lame Blake! Get
    some real Stuff when your ready and grown up

  9. EXPOSED!!!! He says he has the power, as if he is God to make the decision
    for us. Lol Why would Blake be worried about titling this watch and share
    before the government takes this video down, if this «Majestic 12» guy
    works for them. I’m pretty sure this guy wouldn’t contact you first to
    release information about UFO’s LOL you just got caught!

  10. Ask him anything you want but I felt he never gave a straight up answer!
    He really said nothing that isn’t out there and is basic common knowledge
    among interested communities. Interesting though. 

  11. in the second clip, how can this guy know that there will an UFO appeared
    from that cloud? How can he zoom in to the right cloud? I am sorry I don’t
    understand what he was saying.

  12. Phony, phony, phony, phony. More CGI crap. There should be a separate
    area for these children to show off their CGI and leave the real
    possibilities to those interested.

  13. It’s every ones right to comment even though some of us will not always
    agree that’s expected.
    both Michael and blucube have valid points, whilst I agree with Blucube
    that some if not all of this video is a poor attempt at manipulation which
    is about the only thing that’s clear in this video, I also have to respect
    what Michael perfectly put forward to us all, It is up to each individual
    to access what’s in front of him and it is not up to others to influence
    someone’s opinion, regardless how mistaken or misled it may be, one can
    only voice their own opinion in the hope it may ring true to others, As the
    saying goes «beauty is in the eye of the beholder» not every one sees the
    same! Michael explained that perfectly.
    Communication is our best tool, we continuously live to learn and will
    always providing we remember to act civil with each other in the process,
    We have a huge amount of crap to sift through on you tube thanks to Googles
    chump change initiative, You know! upload as much crap as humanly possible
    and you too can
    earn peanuts if enough of your s**t is watched, «like me pleaseeeee» needy
    or what!LOL trouble is offering peanuts you get monkeys hence the shear
    amount of poor manipulation attempts we currently find in abundance on you
    Sad but true no! we just have to continue forward in the hope we find the
    real McCoy one day and what a day that will be! 🙂
    Peace and Karma to all.

  14. at the 6min 51 when the ship takes off the light is even reflected off the
    rock to the left if this is fake then it is even more detailed than a
    hollywood block buster

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