UFO World of Warcraft

UFO World of Warcraft

Hello, my name is Ripler. I’m from the realm Emerald Dream. Thursday the 13th of September 2012 was just an ordinary day in WOW where I along with a good friend spent time grinding reputation…

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  1. Just an update, I saw this again whilst grinding the dalies, Spoke of this
    many time in chats with guildies etc and we came up with a very possible
    solution. Back in CaT or maybe even WoTlK they introduced little kungfu
    pandas then all of a sudden MoP expansion. This could be a sort of blizzard
    leak to introduce a possible Titans expansion. who knows but 2 times now
    ive seen this UFO in game. whats everyones thoughts on this?

  2. I saw this last night in MoP, I was killing tigers and just hapened to pan
    my cam up and there it was. I told my mate and he said I think its time we
    logged off due to it being around 2.30am. we laughed but I was sure on what
    I saw. We both have been searching google on this but nothing came up til
    my mate found this vid. Thanks for the upload buddy, I can now say Im not
    seeing things.

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