UFO Year End Special #1. (The Best Secret Mars Discoveries Of 2014)

UFO Year End Special #1. (The Best Secret Mars Discoveries Of 2014) Egyptian Statue source photo: https://www.nasa.gov/images/content/207023main_vincent-20071…
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UFO Year End Special #1. (The Best Secret Mars Discoveries Of 2014): 13 комментариев

  1. Nice…..I still have issues with whether this stuff is all being filmed on
    earth or if we are seeing alien artifacts from mars……just saw a vid by
    crrow777 that suggest there is a plasma shield around the earth 7200 miles
    up that is too hot for any metals to pass through without melting…..and
    also, the difficulties of radio signals going through plasma as
    well……..also saw a vid that plays radio show caller on C2C saying they were
    a former NASA employee who saw men walking toward the Viking rover in
    1979…again, a hoax or people living on Mars?…I agree though, what you show
    here is not explained by natural formation…….these are not random objects.

  2. I have been following you for about 6 months now and i have come to the
    conclusion that you are one of the very few that presents information that
    you, yourself have deemed trustworthy and correct. When you consider just
    how many snake oil salesman and directors of fear porn can be found on
    YouTube, i feel a responsibility to tell you thank you and to support your
    work as much as i possibly can. I also want to thank you for being humble
    as to admit when you discover afterwards that one of your clips had false
    info or was proven bullshit. I have seen you retract it and you have done
    your best to correct the info or at a minimum at least call bullshit and i
    do thank you…i do hope you find the motivation to continue to produce
    these videos because you are very good at it i always look forward to the
    next video.
    BTW- «a fucking rock», that was hilarious and i spit milk every where as i
    sat at the breakfast table and watched first thing this morning!
    Thank you again and i wish you and your family all the safety and happiness
    in the world during this holiday season. 

  3. Hi Enigma, i like the videos u post. This one is very cool, but i noticed
    that at time 07:52 your audio gets very distorted. At first its very hard
    to understand anything, and right before it corrects itself it sounds like
    your voice? Im just curious about that, it was odd. Could you help me with
    that please?

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