UFO Year End Special #3. (The Best Strange Sounds Of 2014)

UFO Year End Special #3. (The Best Strange Sounds Of 2014) Other Mister Enigma videos: UFO Year End Special #2. (The Best Space UFOs Of 2014) https://www.you…
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UFO Year End Special #3. (The Best Strange Sounds Of 2014): 16 комментариев

  1. Utterly fascinating. Seems theses sound waves are predominantly in the
    northern regions of the United States. I’m baffled as to what has the
    energy to generate such a low frequency sound wave like that. Again, great
    work and thank you for posting. 

  2. +Baldmaxx Commented a day ago and he said that this is all happening in
    the northern regions of the U.S and I have to agree with him. Idk if anyone
    has heard about H.A.A.R.P which I am personally assuming that is what these
    sounds are coming from. IF anyone gets a chance just Youtube Search
    They even had a show featuring Jessy Ventura «Conspiracy Therory’s» where
    they went up there to try and get a tour or the building and area and it’s
    So Secure there it’s almost like trying to get into Area 51, Yet there is
    no signs saying you can’t go through. That’s what’s strange to me.

  3. In response to the comet questions, from another you tuber’s vid, I tend to
    agree with them that this comet is being mined by someone…..the signal that
    we hear is just a homing device so they can find it when they have to come
    back to do mining operations…..the theory is that comets carry «rare» earth
    which is the key to free energy…..hard to say of course, but I do like the
    idea that the comet is being mined….if the pictures are legit of the comet
    it sure does look like something is going on there….the you tuber is
    nikolateslasghost and he has a series of photo analysis of the comet taken
    by ESA…now, of course, the counter theory to all this is the comet landing
    is a hoax and these are actually pictures of some remote mountain top on
    Earth that is being mined that are photo cropped to look like its a comet
    or large asteroid…..either way, the point is, I suppose is that we are not
    being told the truth.

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