UFOs Alien Moon base evidence — Leaked UFO´s Video — Latest UFO Sightings

Latest UFO Sightings 2012 ! UFOs Moon base evidence The last Leaked UFO´s Video. The moon landing was one of man’s greatest accomplishments, First Men on Moo…
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On This Report: bell shape UFO in Boise, Idaho; UFO ascending above Kentucky, USA; family spots two UFO in Midwest City, Oklahoma; UFO in night sky over Antw…

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UFOs Alien Moon base evidence — Leaked UFO´s Video — Latest UFO Sightings: 38 комментариев

  1. yeap everithing is real Ufo s bases on moon iven thay have bases on earth
    where human akces is not aveailble wake up people the real trath is right
    in fronth of as alians are quilti 4 many acsithents on earth like cunami in
    japan an other dizasters like this plese sory 4 my engles

  2. Your flying ship must be not less than four and a half times the
    circumference of the super dome just to appear as a mole in the moons’
    atmosphere, if it had one to speak of.

  3. Hi Darin! Thank you so much for your great show and all your hard work. I
    just want to mention to you, please be careful because demons or malevolent
    spirits will disguise themselves as harmless children, maybe you could try
    leaving a recorder running for playback later and it might give you some
    info on what’s going on in your home. Love Jen in Ireland

  4. «CRAPO????» Is this a joke? Can’t imagine what it would be like going to
    school with a last name like Crapo. I was in the Army and they put your
    last name on your uniform. HEY CRAPO, GET OVER HERE AND CLEAN THIS

  5. This first one Darin,looks like a big cathedral Bell 🙂 Hot Air Balloon
    looks diff…or?
    But big Cathedral Bells don’t fly… :)) Weird :))
    And its truly very sad,that some vids are in bad quality.But ok,not every
    one can use a expensive cam…but its really sad.
    And at last..Darin wtf!!??? Your Home is haunted? But there are other
    specialists for,you know.Call Rhode Island T.A.P.S……Jason Haws will
    help you out,because you have enough work with the UFO’s,and this with the
    Ghosts is his work… :))

  6. Alberta sighting and capture rocks!! Wish I had seen it!! Hey Darin I will
    be in your area soon on business and I’d be happy to do a little ghost hunt
    with you and document on night vision etc!, yeehaa, would be interesting to
    say the least.. Cheers

  7. Thank you Darin this was my favorite sightings report to date!!!! All the
    videos were awesome!!! I can relate with the the guy from Kentucky! I know
    how it feels to have your family not believe you! As for the Alberta
    sighting Wow incredible and my favorite one!!! Darin I have goosebumps
    thanks for sharing your personal story!! I don’t think screws fall out by
    them selves!!! 

  8. I agree with HQCOMMS65 that the voice you hear and the things happening in
    your home is linked to this show. Maybe the little girl was a cloaked alien
    life form trying to contact you. I think they would be very wise to make
    themselves known to you as I am sure they appreciate your devotion to this
    topic and would take them serious. Hope when the day comes that Aliens make
    themselves known that we hear it FIRST here on your channels Darin. Keep up
    the great work my friend.

  9. I have a video as well there has been a UFO out of my house in abbotsford
    Canada for the past week I do believe its searching for something its been
    all around town not sure if it is the same one night after night but I took
    some pictures and recorded a video of it its hovering a lot but it is
    blinking lights and fades black then come back really bright never have I
    seen anything so amazing in my life they are real we need too stop shooting
    at them and let them be they could be the change for the better for the

  10. Five very interesting sightings, all with media, on today’s Sightings
    Report. You will also hear a bit more about my haunted home. Have a great
    Monday and thanks for watching, sharing, and posting your comments. I read
    them all! See you tomorrow!

  11. the date today is may 30th 2014. i live in northern Illinois right by the
    border of wisco, and last night at around 4 am i went outside (insomnia*)
    for a cigarette and i was admiring the clear beautiful sky when i saw a
    white dot flying not too fast but at a pretty steady rate. The white dot
    does a completey 180 u turn and flies towards ANOTHER white dot that i had
    not noticed at all. they fly side by side to eachother as if they locked
    into place and a third white dot shows up and flies above them forming a a
    triangle of 3 white balls that which flies straight up into the sky and
    disappears. no camera, or cellphone to record this but it BLEW my mind.

  12. Finally a good, straightforward, unsensationalistic ufo channel…thank
    you! I’ve always preferred straight up reports (like the Lorenzens’s
    amazing work). The phenomena needs no sensationalism…

  13. Hi Darin. How long have you had activity in your house and have you tried
    taking digital photos of the «hotspots» to see if you catch anything on
    camera, or have you ever done some EVPs to see if you can get some
    questions answered?

  14. Hi Darin, A fascinating sighting in Alberta — and strange nothing came out
    on video… maybe ET really did drop in that time.. Also I was amazed at
    the continuing experiences of some kind of haunting of your home. I
    believe that keeping positive thoughts and good intentions will protect you
    from anything harmful; and you’d know if it was threatening. Can I ask,
    have you ever experienced anything similar before, or are you in any way
    physic? Anyway, please keep us updated 🙂 Best wishes.. Jude 

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