UFO’s and ET’s: Men In Black, Aliens and Flying Saucers — FREE MOVIE

A Close Encounter is an incredible event in which a person witnesses an unidentified flying object or «UFO.» The second kind is a sighting associated with ph…

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UFO’s and ET’s: Men In Black, Aliens and Flying Saucers — FREE MOVIE: 25 комментариев

  1. Ha Ha! Turned it off after listening to the first set of bollocks! ‘That
    footage’ is of a Police helicopter that every force in the UK has. It’s
    circulating, because it’s looking for a suspect i.e, a bike has probably
    gone missing. Absolute tool!

  2. If «aliens« in whatever form or wherever from, wanted the people of this
    planet to know they exist they would. They would not do so piecemeal, once
    in awhile, through holographic projections, intermittent space flights,
    occasional abductions with only eyewitness testimonies or telepathic
    messages. They would show themselves everywhere and to everyone with or
    without government permission! If they choose to «hide« then there isn`t
    anything we can do except wait. Assuming they exist at all!

  3. Don’t discount truth over one clip, this says much about and your feelings
    , not the truth in the show… I will always take these things seriously
    despite clips like Alice D, Alice D actually has a message within it. And i
    heard it load and clear.. Have fun in your research and be more open
    minded, and much love to you..

  4. Having a UFO website… claiming ongoing contact…equals monitor, that
    equation sounds plausible back in the 90’s. Tony was on the front line and
    harrassment was part of their agenda to debunk. IMHO it’s different today
    and fortunately, the PTB have changed there motives…their silence is
    deafening though…even when faced with proofs.

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