UFO’s In The News 2014 (May) Part 5

UFO’s In The News 2014 (May) Part 5 Some of the best UFO news clips from May of 2014. Other Videos: UFOs In The News 2014 (May) Part 4 https://www.youtube.co…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Breaking News UFO sighting in France !!! Charente Maritime — May 2014… New mysterious lights in the sky were reported by multiple witnesses in Charente Mar…

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UFO’s In The News 2014 (May) Part 5: 34 комментария

  1. There are people that go on all the UFO videos and say Chinese lanterns
    wich is bullshit. I’ve seen a craft that was orange and at first it was
    flying so low I thought someone shot a flare of and then it sped off out of
    sight and it ascended while doing so. Chinese lanterns ? Fuck no

  2. I see a lot of UFO video’s lately that are Chinese lanterns tied together,
    even saw a guy setting one off in Wales UK recently, when I asked him what
    he was doing he blatantly said «UFO photo’s mate!». I suspect this is the
    same, it certainly looks like it.

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