From UFOTV®, accept no imitations. Narrated by Peter Coyote, OUT OF THE BLUE is widely considered one of the best documentary films ever made about UFOs and …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. As usual , also in this documentary , you see NOTHING!!! always, too late ,
    too fast, too dark, too light, always not more then 2 seconds….tooo,
    too….Ok folks lets go on with our life, Ufo’s doesnt exist. There is
    always an explanation,even years after, and if not…who f.ckin cares? Does
    it change our life, the missery, the poverty, the hunger, terrorism, wars,
    corruption,racism, ebola.???.pfff. Let us focus on Here!!!What happened to
    all the documents of the «moonwalk in 1969. Absolutely nothing! No one
    cares,documents are thrown away and it costed a fortune, which we could
    have feed whole africa for several years. ( well spoken boy….tnx, you’re

  2. I enjoyed the presentation. I have an open mind. There is ONE question I
    have that perhaps someone here could answer? For some years now we have
    had, in the consumer and professional world of photography/videography a
    level of technology that has us taking photos of airplanes or birds or
    aerial cloud formations with crystal clarity. I myself, as a photographer,
    have two state of the art cameras with state of the art lenses (not cheap
    knock-offs), and I can video a dance show with 10bit 4.2.2 clarity. Or
    photograph the moon on a clear night where you can see every crater «tack

    WHY in the last 3-5 years has there been NO footage or photos of
    craft/sightings that look any different from those taken back in the 50’s?

    I’m NOT being sarcastic or trying to be an asshole. I really would like to
    know if such footage/photos exists in the Public Forum?


  3. You know, each time I watch this (which is a lot), I think back to when I
    was in the 7th grade & our science teacher Mr. Springer had his father come
    in one day to discuss space & space travel. His father was a retired
    scientist who according to him he had worked with Albert Einstein & he
    explained to the class why man insisted on space travel. He claimed that
    modern man (this was in 1968) refused to believe in God & they were
    determined to prove it by any means possible & by traveling into space &
    finding life on other planets, this would blow holes in the story of the
    Bible & God both? Well, all these decades later, look at the billions of
    dollars just our government has spent on space exploration & we have yet to
    discover anything concerning life on other planets, I always think back to
    that day in science class & I believe that old scientist was right!

  4. Sounds good when you first watch it but dig a little deeper and the whole
    fantasy collapses like a pack of cards, well orchestrated deception based
    on hearsay and exaggeration. If anything is ever detected it will come from
    science not from some nobody selling movies.

  5. Somehow, given Governor Fife Simington’s statement, that he didn’t believe
    the object was a set of flares, that he believed it was something else, I
    find it difficult to believe that the press conference was his idea. He
    seemed extremely focused on reading from that cue card. He didn’t look like
    he was feeling especially playful in that press conference footage… How
    interesting, I just did a web search on old Gov, Fife. I found an article
    where he said he saw a UFO, and by UFO he seemed to mean an extra
    terrestrial object. If you are bored here is the reference:


    OUT OF THE BLUE is widely considered one of the best documentary films ever
    made about UFOs and was directed by celebrated film makers James Fox, Tim
    Coleman and Boris Zubov.

  7. Who ever is hiding the information from the American People should be
    executed for high treason. Americans is USA!! and if a group of criminals
    are not answering their concerns about UFO then they should be arrested,
    questioned and if necessary executed, all the information should be gather
    and disclose in a transparent and truthful way. If a much more advanced
    civilization wants to get rid of humans then they could do it in a matter
    of minutes. Even we humans could rid this planet of all sort of life in a
    very short time. I don’t know if extraterrestrials beings exist or not,
    when I have a difficult questions like this, I consult the Bible and as far
    as I know (I maybe wrong) the Bible doesn’t describe nor deny the existence
    of Extraterrestrial being/intelligence. Maybe the UFO are just demons and
    the high core of concealers are their emissaries.
    I believe that the generals and the entire high core of the armed forces
    should, by force if necessary, get the entire information and turn it to
    America, which is the 313million people that live in this nation. If they
    don’t do this then they become traitors themselves, by being accomplice of
    the concealing criminals. America is for Americans and not for a bunch of
    «high classified criminals» that are abusing their power, by disrespecting
    every official, many retired high officers and the entire World. 

  8. Its better to have 1 minute proof from a good movie from real ufo ,then a
    documentary of 2 hours with `he sais, he presumed, hoover wrote…i
    saw,..my neighbour saw`……

  9. Sorry, statistics shouldn’t be applied in this case (The billions of stars
    or galaxies). If you have a billion galaxies without life what would make
    it possible for there to be life on another billion times a billion planets
    or galaxies? Multiplying the amount or starts or galaxies doesn’t provide
    proof of anything. It’s all just a guess without other factors considered
    in the mix.

  10. Wow! That is a young Richard Dolan.

    It seems interesting that the presentation of the technology seems to match
    the era or decade or even age.
    It makes me think that what we see is a combination ship with hologram
    For example, perhaps back in horse and chariot days (I’m thinking the days
    of Isra’el), as recorded in ancient script, sometimes, the ships would be
    fiery horse and chariots.

  11. Where is all this denial going to get them? WHEN and IF the human race EVER
    would need to stand up against a threat from outside our solar
    system,people will go hide like rabbits and they will have no fighting
    force except the military,and when they are not enough how long do they
    think it is going to take to train the rest of the human race in what they
    are facing and what they are fighting?? I don’t think they have thought
    this through well enough!!! No matter how great the odds!!

  12. Honestly when people make it a point to classify things of this nature as
    bullshit, makes me think it’s they who are the ones who are grounded from
    reality… I mean, it’s ok to be a skeptic, but to not even entertain the
    notion of such things being possible is just plain stupid. We are not the
    masters of all of space and time, and we are very very far from having all
    the answers to all the impossibly huge number of possible phenomena this
    universe still has yet to reveal to us…and this being but one of a
    possible infinite number of possible universes, makes the notion that we
    can know anything for certain as being impossible is the only real
    impossibility that exists. Pull your head from your ass! You are a limited
    being, with a limited brain, with a tiny fraction of knowledge, of one
    species, from one planet, that hasn’t even left the confines of our own
    solar system yet… Compare that to the extent of all possible knowledge
    and you know almost NOTHING!!! It doesn’t even matter how smart you are,
    compared to that, there isn’t much difference between the dumbest person
    and the smartest.

  13. About 4 months ago I saw a large number of UFO:s, they where very noisy and
    spreading sparkly lights all over the sky. My cat got terribly scared, he
    has a sixth sense for when aliens are getting close. I think the other
    people in my building where having a party or something, so probably they
    didn’t notice the UFO:s. Still the police laughed at me when I called and
    reported it. Jerks.

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