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Caricato in data 03-marzo-2014 Uno scatto improvviso. IMMORTALA UN UFO. I fatti raccolti nel video sono tratti da molte fonti documentate.
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Ultimo avvistamento UFO 2014: 31 комментарий

  1. Io penso che gli alieni esistono ma nn sn mai arrivati sulla terra! In caso
    contrario avremo gia uficializzato la notizia! Poi x ke dovrebbero tenere
    la notizia in segreto? Mah avranno I loro motivi….personalmente Nn credo
    nei cosidetti UFO dischi volanti o roba simile..se qualcuno ci crede puo
    pur crederci ms io nn ci credo.

  2. su altri pianeti si è formata vita, ne abbiamo le prove, ma chi??? anch’io
    penso che ci possa essere vita su altri pianeti ma in quanto a prove direi
    che scarseggiano… e come è scritto nel video, questi sono tutti documenti
    del gabinetto.

  3. Io non capisco come qualcuno possa non credere alla esistenza degli alieni.
    Se l’universo genera vita e noi ne siamo la prova lampante come si può
    pensare che nell’immensità del cosmo il miracolo della vita non si sia
    manifestato in altri luoghi se è successo qui perché non potrebbe succedere
    altrove… Molti scienziati concordano nel dire che noi stessi siamo stati
    creati da loro, del resto la scienza ufficiale non ha mai trovato la
    congiunzione fra Homo di Neanderthal e Homo Sapiens ( cioè noi ).

  4. This theory has one HUGE FLAW:

    Going past the speed of light happens in the center of the circle, as the
    frequency becomes higher and higher as the circle of movement becomes
    smaller. The outside zones maintain a lower frequency.
    Now tell me, how come the WHOLE UFO disappears instead of just the center?

  5. This proves that a little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing.
    Transparent UFO’s that are hundreds of miles in diameter, I think not……
    I suggest that you keep studying optics…. Just saying….

  6. Why do all the tops face us, is what I would love to know? All the tops of
    the discs? You do not see them rotating spinning around revealing angles.
    Looking at the side of a galaxy would show a sombrero looking thing or even
    an eye.



    «There is no concrete evidence of the discs’ existence».

    «It has been claimed that Tsum Um Nui is not a real Chinese name. There is
    no mention of him in China outside his connection to the Dropa stones.
    According to Dropa enthusiast Hartwig Hausdorf, Tsum Um Nui is a «former
    Japanese name, but adapted to Chinese language». Nor is there any mention
    in any records about Chi Pu Tei’s expedition in 1938.

    Sungods in Exile, with its account of Dr. Karyl Robin-Evans in all
    appearances gave credibility to Dropa stones until 1988, when David A.
    Gamon told Fortean Times magazine that THE BOOK WAS FICTION and Dr. Karyl
    Robin-Evans imaginary.

    The stone discs were supposedly stored in various museums across China.
    However, none of these museums have any records or traces of Dropa stone
    ever being there.

    According to the Gould-Parkinson system of transliteration, «Drop-ka» is
    Tibetan for «solitude» or «inhabitant of pasture lands». It is said to be
    the name of a tribe of Tibetan nomadic herders on the eastern Tibetan

  9. Light has no mass and no charge. Since it has no mass it cannot be affected
    by gravity and with no charge it cannot be affected by magnetism. (even
    though it is referred to as electro-magnetic.) What would have to happen is
    a change in spacetime, like a warping or rather a vortex in the torsion
    field. This guy may be describing a black hole but in a reverse logic. Like
    saying which came first the chicken or the egg.

  10. Stop flogging that well dead horse of the tether UFOs. David Sereda has
    just put aload of old discounted nonsense together. Just writing on a
    blackboard wont get you a Phd and wont prove your theories. He wont be
    getting a Nobel prize anytime soon. Total crap like this only messes up
    REAL UFO research.

  11. The tether footage has been satisfactorily reproduced and shown to be
    near-lens debris, that appear to go behind because the tether itself is in
    such high contrast, also the notch in the disk has been shown to be an
    artifact caused by the focus mechanism inside the camera. The key test is
    not in any way an acceptable reproduction. There is a lot of STS footage
    that is far harder to explain however.

  12. Was interested until the keys in front of the camera test. CCD’s and CMOS
    chips act as film, they convert photons in to digital signal binary. It’s
    what the lens is doing that makes the difference. The reason the keys are
    in focus and the tree, all be it only just in focus, is because the
    aperture of the camera would have been low. Had you used a high aperture
    and used an ND filter to decrease the amount of light, you would not be
    able to focus on the keys and the trees at the same time.

  13. Finally someone post a video about the fact that these things are not UFO’s
    I for one would only have believed them to be UFO’s if they had done what a
    simple fish would have done. Even a simple fish in a fish tank would have
    not kept going in straight lines past a new object in the tank but instead
    would have circled it and nipped at it. I see nothing here but dust in
    space that somehow has been imaged by the camera in a way to make the dust
    particles seem as if they are floating behind the tether. A FISH with less
    brains probably less than an ANT would have investigated the object and
    circled it or something instead of just keep passing the object in straight
    lines, and ALIENS are suppose to be smart, or very, very smart, at least
    smarter that your average FISH. If you have seen other videos where a orb
    does a U-turn or arcs across the screen then maybe that is a true UFO, but
    when you see UFO’s just going in straight lines in opposing directions or
    Multiple directions then consider this. The Space that we have in and
    around the immediate area of our Earth is filled with so much dust from
    passing comets and asteroids and space junk and all sorts of other stuff
    and when we see that kind of debris it tends to travel in only one
    direction. YES there are aliens and alien craft from these aliens but these
    are not them. Thx for posting the truth once and for all.

  14. looks like something you would find in the ocean, like jelly fish or amoeba
    of some type. As for size I don’t know but the shapes seem to act like sea
    creatures to me. 

  15. its all about molecules… all these things are so true!!!!I understand
    why, we don’t see the future changing because of men and or Ets, advanced
    humans so experienced in how they navigate via time conduits etc. speeding
    up so fast, if mass slows down the faster it goes? then opposite must
    happen as molecules speed up the smaller the energy spiraling inwardly ad

  16. … when the keys (at 12:45) come into focus, the background blurs — even
    easy to see on this highly compressed youtube video. Repeating things which
    are wrong does not make them right.

  17. Whatever. Its what they say is true, not what your eyes tell you its true.
    we are not suposed to ask questions. so if they say its dirt, its dirt.
    just like wtc 7 was braught down by depris from the tt`s not by controlled
    demolition. and now go back to work and pay your tax. don´t ask questions
    kettle. thats not your job. we hve great siencists who tell you what to
    believe. ok?

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