Unboxing Nitro Magna Charge & Legendary Free Ranger + Exclusive UFO Hat 4 Swap Force pt. 10

In this video, we unbox Nitro Magna Charge (Target Exclusive Swap Force Skylander) & Legendary Free Ranger (Toys R Us exclusive Swap Force Skylander)… we s…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Unboxing Nitro Magna Charge & Legendary Free Ranger + Exclusive UFO Hat 4 Swap Force pt. 10: 26 комментариев

  1. a million ufo pics or videos tell me nothing I don’t know. Most people have
    either seen a ufo or know someone they trust who has seen at least one
    somewhere sometime. Funky ships out in space that give the distinct
    impression of being alive somehow as they throb and undulate in an apparent
    struggle to hold their shapes…these are objects of real concern to any
    one who knows what they are actually looking at…
    otherwise I am way past needing proof that we are not alone. The real
    question is what are these other sentient species doing here? Fact: when
    these entities speak, they lie. No two aliens tell the same story about
    anything. So many people have direct contact yet not a single authentic
    photograph of any of these creatures is to be found. I think earth is a big
    psyop zone and if you are human you have little to no clue of what is
    really going on here. We are all nearly blind to everything except a tiny
    slice of light we call the visual spectrum (as if this is the only part of
    light that allows any creature to see anything at all). I can run circles
    around a blind man just like aliens run circles around us….and hours of
    video of flying saucers says nothing of their true agenda or their true
    Hey maybe bill nye would like this stuff?

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