Undeniable UFO Documentary [HD] New Paradigm OVNI 飞碟 НЛО ユーフォー UfoDisclosure2012

Unslave Humanity Tactical Media: https://whynotnews.eu/?p=2143 ~sub: https://youtube.com/UfoDisclosure2012 ~credits video: New Paradigm Films https://newparadi…

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Undeniable UFO Documentary [HD] New Paradigm OVNI 飞碟 НЛО ユーフォー UfoDisclosure2012: 25 комментариев

  1. I must admit the strategy of dissinformation and manipulation modern elites
    use to force compliance is a masterpiece. Especially that diabolic notion
    of using own beliefs against s.c. opposition. It makes me wonder when «not
    as radical as they think» people from all offshoots of new age religion
    realise they’ve been dooped by this very precisely and detailed show you’re
    watching now as truth and facts…. Barely few noticed that most
    interesting and «undeniable» evidence comes from military…ex military…
    Write me if you see this trick too…

  2. Then why don’t the aliens make their presence known instead of stealthing
    around in secret, abducting in the middle of the night, wiping out
    memories, etc…..? Is it that they have decided to play along with our
    governments? You see, the aliens cannot be much different than our
    governments as they don’t want the masses of people to know either, in
    which case, we are all screwed. 

  3. Our Moon is a hollow ‘Mother Ship’. The creatures there have been there for
    Eons. There are no interstellar ‘visitors’. It’s all local. My guess is
    there have been many ‘Civilizations’ between the Earth-Moon-Mars system in
    the 4.7 billion years of our solar system’s existence.

  4. Every »true story» or piece of evidence given here is incredibly
    inconsistent. Tall aliens, short aliens, glowing, ghostlike, grey skinned,
    black eyes, blue eyes, hair, no hair, hybrids, they levitate, they don’t
    levitate, they communicate mentally, they take probes and abduct… Their
    aircraft being balls of fire/light, circular, triangular, octogon,
    boomerang, pyramid shape… Seems like every new sighting is something
    different — almost nothing at all like the previous one. Why would some of
    them abduct and conduct tests to some humans and communicate with others?
    Also the government has interest in keeping all of this a secret? If the
    government didn’t want us to »find out» this movie would never have come
    out. The government has everything to gain from spreading these stories.
    It’s an embarrassment and a waste of time to still be pursuing this

  5. UFOLOGY-The second largest religious cult ,Islam being #1. The members are
    stupid fucks have very little education and the ones who do are the ones
    making money off the stupid ones.

  6. I hope there is intelligent life in the universe or other dimensions. After
    having read thousands of comments on YouTube videos it becomes painfully
    obvious that there is very little intelligent life on planet earth. If we
    are the only intelligence in the universe, then the universe is sort of
    disappointing and not living up to its’ full potential.

  7. This is all crap! We do not exist. And if you still want to believe in
    that, could you kindly stop calling us aliens? It’s like «nigger» for
    Africans… Call us something like Outerspecians or Jupiterian Americans,
    or maybe even Shloopies

  8. To be fair, I don’t want to meet the boring twats either. ‘Shall we show
    the Earthlings, time travel, interstellar travel? Shall we show them the
    insides of our supper-dupper planet hoppers, or take them to see the
    huge-titted whores of alpha duplicon or the weed and ecstacy fields of
    betaroople? Nah, let’s fuck about flashing on and off, dead fast, and we
    may as well core a few cow’s arses whilst we’re there’ Yup, sound a right
    laugh, stay where you are, you miserable bastards!

  9. One would have to be INCREDIBLY naive to think we are ‘it’: the know all,
    be all of EVERY universe. Don’t you think the militaries of our world would
    be ALL OVER an indigenous intruder? No, it’s that these beings are MORE
    advanced and interfering with their (alien) excursions would be a threat to
    public safety. Our higher-ups know to play dumb and bow out of chasing
    these vehicles. 

  10. SETI is a monumental waste of time and money… Even if an alien technology
    would transmit radio signals, it would take at least a thousand maybe two
    thousand years to even reach us… So unless SETI is around for that long,
    they will NEVER get anything on those antena

  11. Any psychologist will tell you that there can be nothing but «full»
    disclosure for it to be effective. Even Tiger Woods X wife shrink said it
    on such a seemingly different case. «She is entitled to know everything
    she needs to know, including how many strokes he took to orgasm if she
    deems that information necessary.» Why is it the ones «caught» always
    try to decide how much they will tell? This is probably one of the
    things the aliens would like to see us change.

    «Oh, I don’t need to know that information.» Only a fool, only a fool
    would proclaim such a thing. 

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