Underground UFO base in Antarctica? Nov 2012

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Underground UFO base in Antarctica? Nov 2012: 50 комментариев

  1. It looks eerily artificial. The dome covering the entrance looks like metal
    painted black. Also, i find the ice unterneath the entrance interesting.
    Looks like it has melted and refrozen, or that it is made of condensated
    water dripping from the dome/entrance. This would indicate that the cave
    has a noticeably higher temperature than its surroundings.

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  3. At 4 I was sick for three days while information was filed away in my head.
    They would speed up both streams of data until I would start to shut down,
    and then set a manageable speed. I was cut on every night growing up, and
    have physical branding and psychic abilities. Both tracking tags worked
    there way out after 12 years. I have had a few more dimensional transfers,
    but after telling them I was done it was more like accidental. I actually
    saw the craft one night. If you are depressed and never want to sleep. Be
    strong, and remember you are dealing with soulless, heartless, repetitive
    living nightmare, time bending organic robots that will only teach you to
    become like them. I turned out pretty good. I can even tell you the secret
    of life! 

  4. Alex collier is very charming however everything that he says is
    bullshit dis info still it better than working for a living if nobody
    knows where he is for the last six months dont worry he is with the aliens
    writing a book

  5. He’s says we have been lead to believe that gravity is caused by the
    rotation of the Earth. He doesn’t even know the science he’s trying to
    debunk. Later he says the «monument» on the moon is 7 miles high in a
    photograph taken from 87,000 ft. That’s 16 miles. A 7 mile object would
    cover much more field of view in a photo taken from 16 miles away. I think
    he might be mentally ill.

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