Underwater Alien Base Near Saipan, April 28, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Hey guys, was looking over Google Earth and came across this remarkable looking underwater anomaly. The massive walls seem to go for about 50 miles, but long…
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This is the official video by FADE to BLACK and their discovery of a UFO/USO base entrance off the Malibu coast on May 12, 2014 by Maxwell, Dale Romero and J…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Underwater Alien Base Near Saipan, April 28, 2014, UFO Sighting News.: 50 комментариев

  1. The straight lines are from the scanning equipment. Those are not
    artifacts, just poor resolution. I went to Google maps and found these
    lines everywhere. It’s the equipment taking the pictures or the program
    stitching the pictures together.
    Why are people so quick to believe in aliens? When you hear hoof beats
    think horses, not zebras. Our perceptions are cloudy and our equipment
    isn’t perfect. Try to think rationally people.

  2. You want to know my opinion? Okay but no offense your totally wasting your
    time! Making up something out of nothing. Get real your just brainwashing
    yourself and others that are ignorant enough. I actually can see these
    lines extending all the way to California.

    The more logical answer to these lines is that it has something to do
    with sonar when mapping the ocean floor or when piecing together the images.

    Underwater alien base! lol 

  3. Scott, many think that these apparent structures are sonar markings picked
    up graphically by the google satellite. Can you verify whether they are or
    I looked at the NOAA website to see examples of these supposed markings.
    But their consistency did not quite match the Saipan anomaly. I saw these
    images myself on google earth. I defended their authenticity on a different
    thread. But is there a way to confirm that they’re not man-made markings?
    That’s the best way to eliminate the skeptics if these are part of a great

  4. Can you link to the full version of the short video clip you played, maybe
    in a new posting?

    I’m a land surveyor by trade so I have at least a basic knowledge of
    sonar/lidar type bathymetric measurement methods & these anomalies could
    very well be due to inconsistencies in the tiling or seaming together of
    the individual sea floor imagery/DTM (Digital Terrain Model) tiles.
    HOWEVER…I’ve seen enough evidence & done enough research to know that
    underground facilities do exist (inside mountains like the Dulce base, as
    well as under the ocean floor — like between the coast of L.A. & Catalina
    Island…) all across the globe — way more than most people could ever

  5. Well, you did ask in your video, «What do you think?»

    I think the underwater representations, especially as you’ve noted the
    tremendous depths in this area, are just that. Broad representations of
    underwater structure, not actual photographs as with the surface areas.

    Now, if there was actual video or photographic evidence available, there
    would be a host of really smart people breaking your door down.

    Seeing how that’s not the case, your video is wishful thinking by a guy
    doodling around on the internet, and appropriately co-located with UFO,
    Noah’s Ark, and ghost videos. 

  6. The sheer amount of unmitigated Bullshit offered in attempts to de-bunk all
    this is typical of sceptics and de-bunkers alike — no real idea about
    what’s being presented and hastily dreamed up spanners to be thrown in the
    works…and all of the wrong size.
    Is it any wonder this planets in big trouble with bozo’s like these around!

  7. I grew up in the Mariana Islands all my life and as a descendant of the
    local people who had been transitioning through different countries
    throughout history, from the settling of the Chamorro people, migrating
    integration of the Carolinians, ruling by the Conquistador s, the
    domination of the America after the Spanish-American war, handed over to
    Germany, who sold to Japan, and today under the U.S. protection, I know
    parts of our history was lost. But having mentioned of thifuture.ence you
    presented, is hard for me to believe that this may of been of «alien»
    origin because there was no evidence through cave drawings or legends about
    aliens that would give this a possibility of alien work. However, this made
    me sceptical as to what caused the formation if it was how we are seeing it
    on google earth, to erase part of the history from the first recordings of
    the indigenous people must be very difficult yet successful in hiding the
    truth of what it was. Again, the settling of the islands was made by the
    migration of the people on proas/canoes and this may of existed thousands
    of years prior which is plausible the region was either populated by a
    civilization we did not know/learn of, or the truth that aliens had used
    the middle of the ocean for secrecy from humans who could not see
    underwater that time… Artifacts around the regions would consist of
    remnants of WWII, unless NOAA scientists would care to share any

    Truth be told, the people of the islands were entitled to the islands from
    Rota (next island north of Guam) to the island at the tip of the chain
    which is Maug, but among the several islands in the northern chain are
    forbidden to go because of military live bombings and tests, since no one
    lives there, so to speak. No one knows what goes on around maug or the few
    of the islands where our boats would feasibly reach but plans of
    restricting access is what i anticipated for the future. I’d elaborate but
    this comments long enough and may lose track to some.

    All in all, if this evidence suggests that more exploration and study is
    needed, I would ask -what for? If I could add a piece of something to this,
    is that the islands are made up of coral lime stone which many may know,
    and serves as THE BEST cement material which is Punzalan (check what
    civilization used this material), untouched and money making that could
    bail out the economy of this region, then again who would claim it (another

    Thank you for sharing this finding as it generated my interest to learn
    more of my home and hopefully aliens don’tcome back to wipe us out for
    digging their underwater graves.

    P.S., I heard a ten minute story of a large light surfacing south of Saipan
    at 3am from a man who with two witnesses, only to be stunned from how it
    rose and shooting to the sky with two smaller orb following. This may or
    may not be true but that’s the only thing I’ve come across relating to this

  8. obviously, not natural formations. maybe e.t.s, likely high tech
    ancestors………. i wish we could see the whole globe without any water,
    so the whole earth appeared dry. i’m sure the powers that be have those
    kinds of graphics. if they do , i’ll never learn of them in my lifetime…

  9. Hello,
    it seems to me like a large pier or a new ground just like we can see in
    Dubai. Big ports, trades… Geographically it could look much different
    ages ago. Relief has been changed by geographic processes.

  10. Believe it or not we know more about Mars’s landscape then we do our very
    own oceans. Not only are their many cities under our oceans when sea levels
    were not as high but their are underwater alien bases. One of the most
    talked about undersea alien bases is up near Catalina island where strange
    domes were discovered at the bottom. This is new news to me with this
    location of Saipan but it sounds plausible or at least an open possibility.
    I mean their are parts of our ocean so deep that anything we could send
    down would implode on itself however UFOs probably could withstand that
    pressure especially if the metals derive from other worlds!

    Underwater Alien Base Near Saipan, April 28, 2014, UFO Sighting News.

  11. This could be *Lemuria* which sank, engulfed by the sea hundreds of
    thounsand years before Atlantis.
    It is said that Lemuria was inhabited by a very evolved yellow skinned

    Aliens would’ve known not to build there because as *we have come to
    realize*, that area sits on very unstable ground.

    But then I also tend to believe, like others here that these could be the
    markings of *fishing trawlers*.
    These monsters deeply scrape the sea floor, leaving it scarred for life.

    Lol…the more I think on it, the more I feel that I just don’t know….

  12. Even if it was a natural formation, it is still worth exploring, because it
    is simply impressive. What bothers me is some questions that beg to be
    answered. 1. How could this have slipped by? 2. Why is there a resolution
    discrepancy right at the edge of it? 3. What is the symmetrical line of
    pillars or whatever it is right above it? 4. What is underneath it, and how
    deep is it? 5. How were the columns formed with equal girth at all height,
    considering the water stream/ flow would have different pressure at
    different height? Geologist David Schwartz claims that this is nothing
    special at all, are you fucking kidding me? Unless it is a hoax, it is very
    special by any circumstances, irregardless if it is manmade, natural or
    alien built. By the way, from a professional design point of view, if it
    was man made, it looks well proportioned and shaped, definitely has well
    thought out curvature and would have been designed by a top level

  13. Okay if this is true then why hasn’t anyone or a team of divers go check it
    out and video record it so the people of Malibu such as me know why I see
    random strange things in the middle of the night ive seen bright lights
    shoot straight up into the sky this usually happens between 2:30 am 4:00 am
    about 7-13 times a month for a minute I thought it was that military island
    they use off the California coast to blow things up but unfortunately that
    island is 24 miles away from me and these bright orange purple lights were
    closer than that island..

  14. That looks like a natural formation mixed with sonar glitches… looks like
    an underwater sand bar formed by ocean currents acting on the topography.
    Its too big to be some kind of base for one, second thing that makes me
    think its natural is that if it wasn’t and was some kind of secret base,
    Google would have erased it. I have checked google to see if military stuff
    that I personally KNOW is in certain places bc I served there when I was on
    duty and its been photoshopped out of the google maps… NSA and Google
    work together of course…

  15. My friends and I have been diving this spot for the last 3 weeks ,we cant
    anything that looks like the above shot ,some cool rock formations kinda
    look like pillars ..Google map says we are in the right spot..

  16. A question is, if you do go, and IF it happens to be nothing (as
    Gloomshadow suggested, just a natural formation, sonar glitches, and
    computer interpolation), what then?

  17. I think it is one of the ancient underwater structures found all over the
    world like Yunaguni, Japan, off the coast of Malta and so on. Though this
    is much, much bigger

  18. ok so firstly you are introduced as the king of conspiracy… well
    conspiracy in my house means lots on concocted information that proves jack
    shit. hey D-cide i’m with you mate… but they say they are going to go
    there….better still you film real evidence which is unquestionable…
    ooops sorry the aliens blur the film doesn’t cut it with me either…. but
    how can you claim that its an underwater base with out any proof that there
    is anything in this naturally formed underwater cave…. the walls inside
    don’t look flat…. believe the evidence you say yet still you don’t prove

  19. Google earth doesn’t handle overhangs well. Nobody took a 3d scanner to
    earth so what they did is take a bunch of 2d pictures and approximated what
    it looks like in 3d with heightmaps. A heightmap is basically a laser scan
    taken straight down from space, so when you have anything like this
    overhang, it looks weird.

  20. So, dear fade to black-since your last scene in this presentation is from
    pillar inside yhe structure. Please enlighten us to the misterious purpose
    of its existence!

  21. Hi there Jimmy, I dunno if this has already been said, what if its not
    the said building.
    Could it be just a building but a prominent building of its time.
    Looks like its taken its toll from the elements
    Maybe the structure was never underwater during its time and eventually the
    structure was left to ruin because of the water level.
    Just throwing it out there.

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