Update: Mars Rat On Mars, May 2014, UFO Sighting News.

https://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2013/05/alien-creature-caught-in-nasa-photo-by.html I just wanted to make an update to the old Mars rat post I made a year a…
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Update: Mars Rat On Mars, May 2014, UFO Sighting News.: 12 комментариев

  1. There’s another object towards the bottom left that has been blurred out,
    looks possibly like another animal Form, but who knows Truly where Nasa
    takes its photos from. 

  2. there is no rats on mars, it is not a rat. it is 280 be low 0, what is it
    a ice rat that eats rocks for food, right. on air on mars, and you
    want us to think it is a rat. please get some mental help some where. it is
    just a rock dud .you need to eat some rocks to. thank you for my view.

  3. This is a pic of the «Mars lizard», not the «Mars rat». The pic with the
    rats is entirely different & you can see the vid on the Monte Williams
    channel — Monte is the person who discovered the rat. There are about 3
    rats in the pic next to their nest hole. They look exactly like desert
    rodents from Earth. Check it out.


  4. Excellent video Scott, I dwell on this stuff too. From all the pictures I
    have studied, from listening to others and listening to you, I think there
    was some kind of «atomic explosion» or global catastrophe that obliterated
    things and turned other things into vitrified glass or fossils instantly.
    Like they were frozen in time. Except for that moving black blob on the
    other video, that was crazy.

  5. Why does no one still talk about it? Because it’s a rock. The human mind is
    wonderful, but one of its flaws are that it seeks to make patterns out of
    nature. You have what..? Five hundred thousand rocks on Mars that we have
    photos of… at least. Of course one or two are going to look like animals,
    and the human mind will automatically make it look like something we can
    relate to. In this case, as you aptly put it, it’s a rat. It looks kinda
    like a rat.

    It’s the same as we see faces everywhere. It’s part of evolution. Also, you
    are very misleading, saying statements like, «It’s 100% possible that it’s
    an animal.» That statement is ridiculous. You use 100% to make people think
    it’s 100 an animal, but it’s not. It looks like one. Also, saying stuff
    like, «When I see a photo of my wife and there’s a bird in the background,
    I know it’s a bird.» That statement doesn’t AT ALL prove this is anything
    other than a rock.

    And all that crap about, «Anyone who thinks this is just a rock needs
    help». Seriously, dude? What a fucking self-righteous insulting thing to
    say. And your answer against people who prove you wrong? Oh, we’re all CIA
    and NSA guys. Fuck you. I’m from New Zealand. I have nothing to do with
    America. You’re a fucking idiot who tries to manipulate people, and it’s
    very obvious. Good use for your degree. Fuck you, sir.

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