URGENT NEWS! UFO Sightings Mothership Colorado!! SUPER CLOSE-UP Flying Saucer! 12/2014

Just In Voice Mail Via Skype From «ED»! Video and Photo Raw Attachments! CGI? Take a Look, We At Thirdphaseofmoon See no Evidence Of Manipulation. Video & Photos are UN-Touched.
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URGENT NEWS! UFO Sightings Mothership Colorado!! SUPER CLOSE-UP Flying Saucer! 12/2014: 25 комментариев

  1. Isn’t this the guy who when asked, on the radio, what the aliens look like
    that he has been having SUPPOSED long term contact with he said he didn’t
    know what they look like? What’s up with that? Simple enough question. Very
    suspicious answer. How could this guy be having so many contacts with these
    «aliens» and not know what they look like?

    Plus, his most recent UFO footage looks less clear than his older footage.
    Last time I checked, camera technology is now better than it used to be.

  2. This person has not given any description of where he is or location, what
    time, where was he standing, what were his immediate surroundings? Was he
    in the bush, on the street, in a backyard, were there any other witnesses?
    Did he try to contact anyone else that could catch it on film or
    photographs? Without corroborating evidence anyone can claim anything. 

  3. WOW…pretty compelling evidence. If it’s a hoax, it’s a damn good one and
    they went through a LOT of trouble to do it…you can actually see MOVEMENT
    inside the craft at some points…damn, it’s so hard to tell. Very
    interesting, though. I heard from this user that a very large group of
    organized people went before congress with all the evidence and witnesses
    that they had and DEMANDED disclosure from the Govt…I just wonder how
    that went??? The members of congress were actually on OUR side, saying that
    IT WAS TIME FOR THE TRUTH…and they are 100% correct…when polled, the
    majority of the people believe that we are NOT alone, and that ET’s have
    been here, and are STILL here…watching us. It’s time the truth came
    out…they think the TRUTH will cause the downfall of society and they are
    WRONG in that assumption. The world is READY for the TRUTH!!!! We’re TIRED
    of the LIES when we KNOW what we see is what we see…and NOT swamp gas or
    a damned weather balloon!!!!

  4. I have a message for the UFO community.

    I want aliens to be visiting us. Badly I do. I want them to be friendly. I
    want so badly to be taken on a tour of the solar system. We all want this
    to be real. But seriously, WAKE UP. Just because you think aliens exist,
    and I do too, doesn’t mean you have to instantly and fervently believe
    every fucking video you see. You don’t have to be a gullible idiot just
    because you believe in aliens. You don’t have to take the word of a guy who
    put a toy on some strings and used some perspective tricks.

    If the video is blurry or appears to be near trees or other places
    convenient for setting up strings, ask yourself why that is. Why is is so
    blurry? Is it to cover up things that would otherwise point out the
    fakeness? Is it because we would see the strings if it’s in HD? What I’m
    saying is that by all means continue to research the possibility of
    extraterrestrial life, but do NOT believe every UFO video on the internet.
    Use your skepticism. Use it. Otherwise, you’re as big a sheep as you claim
    people who listen to the government are.

  5. WOW! This is a new level of TERRIBLE. One more «ED» video and imma
    unsubscribe. This is the worst kinda BS….so obvious. The video never pans
    out or starts at any kind of reference. If you want upclose videos of my
    aquarium I can send them all day. STOP POSTING OBVIOUS

  6. EVERY TIME, excellent looking footage comes out…everyone says «Oh it’s
    CGI!» or «It’s Photoshop». These are the same people who say «OH we have HD
    cameras and video recorders why is every video of UFOs blurry?» Seriously

  7. It’s so in focus, I can hardly believe it. KISS MY ASS. Ed if this is your
    best give up now your waisting everybody’s time. I do believe in UFO’s, I
    don’t believe you

  8. Mother Ships are so huge …varying in size from hundreds of miles long up
    to thousands of miles long. They have to stay in orbit as far away as
    Jupiter because of the gravitational pull which could disrupt the magnetic
    field of Earth, thus wreaking havoc… so this footage is more likely a
    reconnaissance ship with the smaller ones being scout ships..

  9. I’ll tell you what, if y’all aren’t saved and sealed by the blood of the
    lamb, Jesus Christ, and you miss the rapture of His Bride, you will be
    facing the demon aliens and the giants of old that literally made their
    meals out of humans because that is one of the judgements during the WRATH
    OF GOD, the last 3.5 years on this planet before the second coming. God
    loves you, ask His Son to forgive your sins and be Lord of your life. You
    will live in Eternity with God. Don’t believe? Spend eternity in the lake
    of fire meant for the devil and his fallen demons.

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