US outpost surrounded by Cylinder shaped UFO sightings !!! Afghanistan July 2014

US outpost surrounded by Cylinder shaped UFO sightings !!! Afghanistan July 2014. Very rare footage. American outpost in Kunar Province — Afghanistan — is su…
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SecureTeam Shirts! 6/8/2014 — Secureteam has captured a clear UFO on NASA’s earth stream. NASA couldn’t hide it quick enoug…
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US outpost surrounded by Cylinder shaped UFO sightings !!! Afghanistan July 2014: 50 комментариев

  1. Reason for USA prolonged stay in Afghanistan could be widespread UFO
    activity. Getting hands on it would be like finding Noah’s ark or the Ark
    of the Covenant, and anybody having that technology would persist as the
    leading super power on the planet. 

  2. If this is real, and I believe it is, the cylindrical ships appear to be
    that of the Arcturians, one of the most technologically advanced races in
    our galaxy. They’re extremely against war and killing of living things.
    They could be there for many reasons, one would be to observe, but if they
    didn’t want to be seen they wouldn’t be seen, like ‘Brendon Holmes’ said
    they’re most probably there to get the attention of everyone shooting, not
    only the soldiers, maybe to help them open their eyes to reality. I don’t
    know their motive, but this is brilliant footage.

  3. Sounds like something got wrecked by a «Warthog» A10-Thunderbolt. You can
    hear the guy say «eyes on the hog» and then the chain gun rips. Why would
    they retire such a magnificent machine of war?

  4. we are to primitive for alien contact .. we still kill our self because of
    religions or resources .. first they don’t have any interest in humans…
    like we are into ants no help whatsoever between them two species .. we
    humans we are more interested into dominate everything for profit. This is
    how we evolve as humans kill some and put the fear into others to obey. If
    aliens want gold like some say.. They have technologies to scan the
    galaxies for a planet or meteorite only gold pure gold.. Why they would
    come here and take our gold ?.. That’s stupid gold comes from exploding
    stars and blown out into space and might get pulled together by bigger gold
    fragments and eventually gets bigger and bigger like a meteorite or gold
    planet. Religion is invented by gov to control the masses easily so they
    can have a quiet easy life and comfortable. Am not saying that God does not
    exist IT IS but not like they teach us.. IT IS kind of energy and plus is
    not an old man with an white beard looking down on Earth (haha) Be sure GOD
    is an Alien is not from Earth. And if they come here (Aliens) on Earth be
    sure they prepare for the worst can happen to them .. maybe our speed
    bullets can not touch them might go through them or fire do not burn them
    or the shock wave of a bomb cannot touch them .. then what? The problem is
    with our body is that has to be fueled with proteins (food) .. maybe we ARE
    a good meal for them like cows and pigs make for us :)) Believe is no
    interest from them into us .. they cannot learn nothing from us .. what we
    have ??? guns?? TV? commercials? money? cars? war tanks to kill others
    humans? or flying war airplanes? banks? (haha) you name them 🙂

    Join The Zeitgeist Movement To be all human race as one !!!

  5. To Manuu77 I hate to break it to you, but those belong to the secret
    American space fleet. We built them and are using them on the moon and
    mars. The NWO has been picking the Americans tax pockets funding Black
    projects that run into Trillions for the last 50 or so years. The
    Technology would actually benefit humanity as the power source is limitless
    and does not damage the worlds eco system.

  6. I tend to think that an advanced race that maybe a million years ahead of
    us would be able (to us) to perform acts of astounding «magic»… iam quite
    sure they could stop a lot or ALL of this killing…how?..i do not
    know..iam a mere human with the brains of a worm… to these guys.

  7. Вообще, я считаю, что НЛО существует. Ведь в мире столько планет и думать,
    что только на одной есть жизнь как-то не правильно.. Только видел ли их
    действительно кто-нибудь? Есть хоть одна достоверная запись?
    С другой стороны, многие сообщения о НЛО можно считать не верными, т.к. в
    этом виновата Холодная война. СССР и США создавали новейшее оружие,
    тестировали и все тщательно скрывали. Как раз эти объекты и считают за НЛО.
    А на самом деле это дело рук человека…

  8. Alright…….why is there zero dialog from the troops about it? If it were
    something unknown to them they would be talking about it and I might add,
    in a disturbing fashion.

  9. I don’t believe in UFO’s but this one I do I seen something similar in the
    sky 2 years ago in hemet CA but it was gold and it stayed at the 11 to 4
    angle. I tried to take a picture but my camera on my phone was out of

  10. «We have no comment on this image at this point in time» — We’re all ready
    for disclosure Nasa, pull your head out of your ass, it’s the 21st century,
    we can handle it.

  11. It is concerning that more and more UFOs seem to be showing up. It’s never
    good when a more technologically advanced civilization meets a more
    primitive one. Remember what happened to the natives in the Americas when
    Columbus found his way here …

    Not good I tell you!

    So, because of that, I’m all for our Government keeping this a secret.
    Let’s find out as much as we can about them. Let’s reverse engineer their
    technology. We will most likely have to defend ourselves from some rogue ET
    group at some point …

  12. Can someone explain me something?

    Why do they allow these live feeds if they are so affraid a ufo will
    appear. What I mean is: They would rather pay someone to watch this camera
    for 24/7 and push the ‘grey-freeze’ button, than to get rid of this live
    feed at all. I’ve hear what the narrator said inthis feed, but considering
    the global ufo goverup, and all the stupid explanations like Swamp-Gas and
    Wheater-Ballons, the could just as wel just get rid of the live feed at
    all. What is the point of it, if the just keep grey screening everything

  13. If this video gets even more popular prepare for some retarded explanation
    of this by NASA and scientists saying it’s the reflection of dust particles
    off the flux capacitor due to ball lightning.. Jesus I hate when scientists
    try to explain something that is unknown or undiscovered to humanity, as if
    we already know everything there is to know in the universe and
    that therefore everything unexplained must be some type of phenomena. For
    fucks sakes. I hope the proof of aliens does come out in the open somehow
    so we can stop hearing these bogus explanations by «experts» and watch the
    public eat it up like candy.

  14. One other thing about space craft makes me believe they are lying so much.
    They keep talking about problems carrying enough fuel. A submarine nuclear
    reactor can sustain a LOT of power for 25 yrs before needing a top up
    (lol). This means they can accelerate for 25yrs (ok 12.5yrs there/return).
    Or am I wrong, as then CO2 scrubbers, elec gen, and plenty of thrust is
    available well tested and works in extremes of pressure etc. Small size of
    trash can, have been shown, so why are they still putting huge rockets up,
    or at least rocket through to orbit, then activate it with shuttle robot
    arms etc.

    I just think this UFO is something like an aircraft carrier size, end on
    coming into the light. Build it in Space, much easier to move weight/work
    on it. Use 3d printing to make the beams/struts as required. Not saying
    this is correct, just that it CAN be done with my knowledge today. So why
    are THEY dragging their feet using Shuttle type craft that they
    designed/built when I was a kid, and that WAS a long time ago.

    A Brit designer invented space craft engines/design that could easily
    (using existing metals/tech) manufacture a space craft that was air
    breathing in Earth Atmos, took off from runway like 747 Jet, flew to space
    came back, UK Defense said we like it, Made him sign contract that he would
    NOT divulge to any commercial/other govts so he did. Then they said we
    don’t need it, but you’ve signed to say you CAN’T allow anyone else to have
    it. They are devious, criminals, remember that.

  15. I like this! Very convincing. After 30+ yrs of serious research, my belief
    is most of these craft are man made weapons etc. They are obviously
    suppressing particle weaponry (Tesla tried selling these to Russia lol),
    anti-gravity (In atmosphere), light speed travel, super shielding (Sun
    orbiting Craft collecting H3 & other exotic elements for fuel), and many
    other amazing tech that could literally save the earth if they allowed true

    IF they aren’t hiding it from us, WHY turn off the feeds whenever a craft
    comes near that isn’t OLD fashioned (Von Braun) tech. They obviously aren’t
    afraid of them, and they look like man made objects. I see every govt
    releasing redacted UFO files as proof they are pretending to be open, when
    it is just another play, to keep us from traveling space as explorers.

    If they aren’t hiding, why did Head of SknkWorks, state we have tech that
    is capable of interstellar travel, and everything you see on sci-fi we have
    surpassed. Pretty damning evidence from guy who Made this tech….lol. As
    long as idiots keep listening to govt BS the longer they’ll keep on lying
    to us, If we all voted/demanded they tell us, they do, or get fired, vote
    for totally different political groups, NOT proved Liars, Sexual deviants

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