WHOA!! UFO Video Shocks The WORLD! UFO Sightings 2014

WHOA!! UFO Video Shocks The WORLD! UFO Sightings 2014!!!! The Video Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon Has Been Shut Down From the Original Source, We Have Decide…

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WHOA!! UFO Video Shocks The WORLD! UFO Sightings 2014: 24 комментария

  1. One way to prove it’s real… start recording, do a reference shot, and
    when you’ve taken enough footage, fish out your gun and shoot the damn
    thing so you can record its evasive maneuvers.

  2. It’s fucking funny how skeptics just jump right to the excuses,
    immediately, without any proof that it’s fake. Lol!

    Listen up, morons. It’s OBVIOUS that we’re NOT alone!! All the life on our
    planet isn’t here, because of some fucking miracle!! Miracles don’t exist,
    ok?! Only dumbass Christians believe in that nonsense!!

  3. All this bullshit you are trying to convince people to believe so you can
    have them go watch that shitty movie your putting out is sad… You and
    your so called »Brother» need to go eat a big bowl of dicks…I never new
    2 »Brothers» that gave eachother mouth hugs.. but I guess you 2 do… You
    both need to go do deep knee bends on fire hydrants!!! All your videos
    are bullshit and your guest are as delusional as you…

  4. Could be real, but with the technology these days I don’t know anymore
    what’s real and what’s not. I know aliens are real and that they come here.
    I just don’t know anymore if this clip, and many others posted on You tube,
    are real or not. We get flooded with fake shit every day.

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