William Cooper and the Global Deception — UFO’s — FREE MOVIE

Is there a New World Order? Are they trying to control every part of our lives? Are we treated like sheep? If so, then who are these people? What power do th…

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William Cooper and the Global Deception — UFO’s — FREE MOVIE: 14 комментариев

  1. There are several independent sources showing that global warming is an
    interplanetary event. Yes, ALL the planets in our solar system are heating
    up. Police are not allowed to get employment unless they are hunters and
    eat meat. Try finding a vegan cop. They don’t exist. If you meet one I want
    to know them. That’s why they’re such predators and are willing to shoot
    for money. They’re so accustomed to killing poor defenseless animals it’s
    not a big jump to kill another person…

  2. It’s the left no it’s the right no it’s the socialist no it’s the Nazi’s,
    no it’s the NeoCon’s, Sure are a lot of people screwing this planet up.
    There is no free enterprise at some point the government will use your tax
    dollars to fund them. It is wrtten in the constitution that government can
    control commerce. Section 8 — Powers of Congress To regulate Commerce with
    foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;
    This is like watching a TV screw this shit.

  3. Who benefits from loose restrictions on emissions and burning up fossil
    fuels? Go to any major city, take a few deep breaths. Observe the people
    wearing masks. Global warming or not, controlling filth and destruction of
    the planet is a good idea. Don’tcha think?

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