Winners! Best UFO Sightings Evidence Of May 2014 Free Documentary! Share THIS :)

UFO Discloser Is Know Pass It ON! Best UFO Evidence Of May 2014 Free Documentary! Share THIS! Toby Lundh Shares Incredible Live Feed Footage Of a Large UFO N…
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Winners! Best UFO Sightings Evidence Of May 2014 Free Documentary! Share THIS :): 25 комментариев

  1. It is a reflection from within the ISS of the instrument panel or the
    forest fires we have here on earth! I can show you a video of a
    «mothership» every single day, its a daily occurrence given the angle of
    the ISS and the position of the sun in relation to it….plus all the
    lights on earth. You see as the arm moves across the bottom of the screen
    the lights…»mothership» disappears….you also see the shadow moving
    across the ISS….either the position of the ISS in relation to the sun
    obscures the reflection, or a part of the ISS obscures the earth where the
    fires are.
    I cannot believe how stupid some people can be, especially the «Doctor»
    who labels it a «mothership»…a doctor in what? I doubt he is a doctor,
    probably Blakes neighbor or cousin…or just another loon who cannot even
    investigate something as easily explained as this!
    And its «now» not «know» «Know You Know Pass It On»…..idiots teaching

  2. Seriously, are you guys high? The first thing, «the mother ship» is just an
    internal reflection inside the camera lens stack. Look at the lower left
    part of the frame and you’ll see a portion of the ISS brightly illuminated.
    The «mother ship» is located directly across the central axis of the lens
    opposite the illuminated portion of the ISS at the lower left. (Don’t crop
    the frame). The effect is a common effect of camera lenses where a very
    bright object in the image plane of the film or CCD array is reflected off
    the back surface of the front-most lens and appears directly opposite
    (upper right) of the source at the lower left.
    Note as the brightly illuminated linear piece of the ISS (with brighter
    point sources matching the mother ship) is covered by shadow, the «mother
    ship» disappears.
    Dare to be stupid.

  3. Third phase of the moon I’ve seen things that contradicts everything I was
    command to believe in. But these comments on here are just ridiculous they
    are here & human are still cattle wake up! Everything isn’t fake. Third
    phase is it possible to block people from keep saying the word fake? It’s
    getting OLD for all non believers continue to eat GMO food & watch t.v 

  4. ThirdPhaseOfMoon is BAD for the progression of UFO research. Half of it is
    B.S loaded with watered down conspiracy theories. ThirdPhaseOfMoon does a
    great job discrediting valid UFO sightings by adding in things like «chem
    trails» and «ghosts». It literally makes my stomach turn.

  5. How the hell is possible that with the technology we have now we can take
    very detailed photos of small items from a satellite and no one has ever
    managed to take a clear picture of an ufo?

  6. Those last California shots are hoaxes. The light passes in front of the
    wires. He reflecting a laser pointer off of a piece of glass and filming
    it. What booshit…

  7. because of your primitive comments on here how can the government come out
    and explain this is really going on and we are being visited from other
    planets, you would not handle it, as we are still stonning women in honour
    killings, and 99% still think we stem from monkeys, and as for some of your
    comments on here you probably do,x

  8. These people smell the hoax … too much nothing … everything they find
    or made it was just for you !
    At 9:51 the spirituality has pass another dimension of lie ! … 

  9. I don’t just blindly believe all of this kind of stuff but what has always
    puzzled me is why do so many ancient art work depict ufo’s? 

  10. I don’t know about the angel or the helping us angle but the videos are
    obvious winners as you said. VERY much enjoyed whatever that was at the
    ISS. Keep it up guys.

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