WoW! Raw Mars Rover Image Shows Structures and Ufo!

This an update to the original on the back up! Inbox me any details you find on this. I believe this is one of the best shots of structures on Mars. The cave…
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WoW! Raw Mars Rover Image Shows Structures and Ufo!: 12 комментариев

  1. there is a part of this image where a structure is giving off it’s own
    light. Move striaight up from the hour glass image on the rover. you’ll see
    a Rock with a shadow on all sides. look directly to the left of that and it
    looks like a tower with an opened bay structure beside it. the light is
    being cast left of the structure. onto the ground that should be covered in

  2. this is azmazing, i have broke this pic down, you cant fake this base pic
    if landing the rover they would want 2 make sure to put it by something
    THEY really wanted to see, like a BASE!! it almost looks like a wreak of a
    big ship happened there

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