WOW! UFO Sightings Alien Star Crafts Visit Space Station? Nov. 24, 2014 HD VIDEO!!

Within Minutes Of the NASA Release Thirdphaseofmoon Breaks News!! UFOs Visit The International Space Station on following a four-orbit, six-hour rendezvous. …

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WOW! UFO Sightings Alien Star Crafts Visit Space Station? Nov. 24, 2014 HD VIDEO!!: 25 комментариев

  1. At the risk of angry replies let me remind you guys that there is in fact a
    number of small objects such as heat tiles or/and ice particles from
    jettisoned fluids always floating around a space craft. the crafts
    thrusters fire in short bursts to adjust the pitch an attitude specially to
    slow approach rate and alignment at docking with the ISS. This objects get
    displaced and seem to shine against the sun specially with the dark
    background and twirl when pushed or as they pass behind the craft. Whereas
    I do believe there is a legitimate phenomenon we call UFOs this is not one
    of them and furthermore to call everything as a
    «legitimate» part of this phenomena or post clearly computer created images
    only damages the credibility of those who are legitimately seeking answers
    through logic and scientific process…

  2. Could it just be a satellite in the background? I would like the
    governments to come out though and admit what they know. The world is full
    of adults and we’re big enough to take the news. Even if alien life is
    hostile, they can just say yes life does exist out there and they have come
    to earth. But I would think that we’re the hostile ones, we keep inventing
    new ways to kill each other. But if Aliens could help us with global
    warming and clean energy we should be thanking them.

  3. we need answer & proof maybe it time we the people should try to make
    contacted using lights or morescode or computer s or what have u & tell
    them we under God roof welcome to God world & if they say where is this God
    u talk about u say he’s all round us then maybe we might find peace amount
    the star

  4. If by alien space craft you mean a meteor (or asteroid or comet or maybe
    even a satellite) Despite what people below have said, it isnt glowing,
    just reflecting light like any object would. If it wasnt, you couldnt even
    see it. And things like meteors do travel in compact balls in one
    direction. There is nothing to even debunk, because it is just a few pixels
    moving across the screen. Not enough to claim it is some craft. The most
    logical and reasonable explanation is that it is a meteor (or any of the
    other above objects). TONS of them travel to earth every single day. Just
    because you see something moving in space does not mean its a craft.

  5. *I love the music! I believe they make it themselves. I understand the
    talent and fun in making music like this.* On the video, I didn’t really
    see anything except a Bogie flying in a straight line, being illuminated by
    the Station lights. It seemed grey in the low light, no light source
    emitting from it. I will have to side with the «Space Debris» hypothesis.

  6. I don’t know why I’m not finding the UFO at the Space Station on
    11/23/2014. It’s in the Ustream HD cam archived video. I highlighted it.
    There have been 2700 plus viewings of that video. It’s a fast moving bright
    dot of blinking light that is traveling from right to left across the
    middle of the screen which makes a 90 -95 degree turn (on a dime) and zooms
    upward. It’s as good as you get UFO at the space station. The best I’ve
    ever seen. I’ve Tweeted Cousins about this with no reply.The URL for the
    HD cam live recorded video is Please let me
    know where it is on youtube. Thanks.

  7. They are not UFOs. They are IFOs. Identified. The Ashtar Command, Ground
    Crew. The Galactic Federation Of Light. Thank You brothers and sisters
    from the Stars, Welcome back to earth with Us. Mwah…Peace and Love from
    now on. Amen. <3

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    Video Shot By Nasa Today! »

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  9. Our government has been working with aliens for years. To think their is
    not very intelligent life out there is arrogant. Either that or you just
    cannot grasp how massive out universe is. the numbers are mind boggling! 

  10. i used to believe in UFO and ET life, but your channel made everything look
    so phony and fake, your stupid channel made me disbelieve in everything
    related to UFO.

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