WOW! UFO Sightings Massive Underwater Alien UFO Base Discovered! May 2014

WOW! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook! Thirdphaseofmoon Album Paul Barrett …
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WOW! UFO Sightings Massive Underwater Alien UFO Base Discovered! May 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. I lived right there in 96 — I can tell you we always saw weird things that
    looked alien flying out of the water right there!! My friends swore they
    were spaceships and I thought they were on mushrooms…now they find this!

  2. even colombo wrote in his ship log about strange lights which »dance» in
    the night sky and than go back underwater during his travel to america, its
    a fact i do not care for mockers and unbelieving monkeys

  3. Cut and Paste into Google Earth;
    33°59’24.54″N, 119° 2’15.07″W
    And you can see the Photo’s are Doctored. This is about as Real as Abama’s
    Birth Certificate.

  4. *A Massive Underwater Alien UFO Base Discovered*

    You be the judge. It certainly looks very strange. I guess we’ll never
    really know unit we send a submersible down there to investigate.

  5. …All aload of …CRAP….Don’t you think that the US government..or a
    private enterprise
    would have investigated it further.?…Sent a manned submersible, such as a
    drone or bathyscaphe down there.?….This channel ‘thirdphaseofmoon’…is
    getting more ridiculous every day….Please stop
    ..Maybe there is a strange quirk in the terrain..but it certainly ain’t an
    alien base..!
    …Believe what YOU want to believe..
    ..I know that the Earth is..FLAT.

  6. @ koogzie your comment was funny as hell 😀 . If it is real ( which i
    doubt) the give me the depth and GPS coordinates and ill dive on it and see
    if its real.

  7. for all the comments from naysayers stating that anyone reading or watching
    or believing this, needs to do real research, just look on google maps.
    The image is undeniably 100% real. ON GOOGLE MAPS. Its there. No
    denying it. What is it? Cant be sure. But it doesn’t look natural. To
    say it is an alien base it reaching, who knows, could be military. But
    that doesn’t change the fact that it is there. If your going to post » DO
    MORE RESEARCH», perhaps you should take your own advice. Its amazing how
    often people post on these videos without using there brain at all. 

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