Загадочный кратер изнутри. Эксклюзивное видео 16.07.2014 s1

Только что наш телеканал получил эксклюзивные кадры нового ямальского феномена. Большой интерес вызывает необычное природное явление — кратер в 30 километрах…

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Загадочный кратер изнутри. Эксклюзивное видео 16.07.2014 s1: 25 комментариев

  1. То, что говорят «специалисты» в этом видео это инфа для глупых гномов.

    1. Объем воронки значительно (в 15-20 раз ) превышает объем выброшенного
    наружу грунта
    Куда делся остальной грунт?
    2. Внутренние стенки воронки слишком ровные и отвесные. Имеют странный,
    повторяющиеся по окружности профиль.
    3. Рассказчики байки «о природном взрыве» хотя бы приблизительно
    представляют себе мощность взрыва который должен такую воронку сделать?
    Речь идет о небольшом ядерном заряде как минимум. Газ такое сделать не мог.

    Это однозначно никакой не взрыв. И явление это не природное а искусственное.

    Но гномы нынче настолько не хотят думать, что эту версию с удовольствием

  2. Обратите внимание на структуру стен образовавшихся. Они гладкие. При взрыве
    или тп, такая структура не возможна!…

  3. The Yamal area (the name is Siberian for «End of the World») is rich in
    natural gas, and a pocket of this combined with water and salt could have
    produced quite a large explosion… 

  4. russia fighting ukraine, russia shutdown a Malaysia plane, now this. I
    smell a big conspiracy going on. Could it be russia testing nukes under the

  5. 00:01-00:04 Our channel got an exclussive footage of the new «Jamalsk»
    00:04-00:08 Big curiosity due rare natural phenomena — a crater, 30 km from
    the city. (Bovanenkovo)
    00:09-00:12 Let me remind, a few day ago it’s was spotted (a crater) by a
    crew of Nadim’s squadron.
    00:13-00:15 and now it’s udner scientific investigation .
    00:16-00:19 On behalf of the governor Kabilkin sent an expedition to the
    island «Belij»
    00:20-00:23 Our channel just got an exclusive footage. Look.
    00:24-00:28 Here it is «Jamalsk» phenomene, a crater by unknown origin,
    which become known to the whole country by an accident.
    00:29-00:32 Let me remind, few days ago it was discovered by a crew of
    Nadim’s squadron.
    00:33-00:38 And all this time crater, which by journalists named as «Navel
    of the World», attracted scientists attention.
    00:39-00:41 Today they came very near to him ( a crater) .
    00:42-00:48 wait, wait wait I (fast), Women: And most important that til it
    be a spot of gps and not «strapped into space».
    00:49-00:51 strapped into space — it’s the first step. Then they move an
    electronics with sensors inside of the crater.
    00:52-00:54 That’s gives the scale of crates. It amazes.
    00:55-00:57 Inner diameter is 40 metters (131ft) , outward 60(196ft).
    00:59-01:03 Best possible scenario could be : something shriveled inside
    and then bursted.
    01:04-01:05 likely.
    01:06-01:08 Can be called «an explosion».
    01:08-01:10 But in our understanding it’s can not be called «an explosion».
    01:11-01:15 Scientist tells that he self was often in this area but never
    heard of something like that.
    01:16-01:19 Adding «crates exists, «karst craters»» but they very differs
    from this one..
    01:20-01:23 No one mystifies, all is indicated in the law of the nature.
    01:24-01:27 Scientist: There is nothing mystical, «it’s just a nature
    01:28-01:31 related to the internal pressure of the ground. Right.
    01:31-01:34 aaaa, perhaps it is also associated with changes of temperature.
    01:35-01:38 Here is he crater, inside of it.
    01:43-01:51 Researcher of arctics Leipman, supports the scientist.. She
    tells that today they made first and most important researches FOR
    01:52-01:57 Also scientists have established the depth of thawing
    permafrost. It’s just 73 cm! This leads to confusion. Especially
    considerind crater size.
    01:58-02:04 Leipman says her opinion has changed dramatically. -what seen
    by eyes differs from what is on the pictures!
    02:05-02:12 Mrs. Leipman (arctic researcher): Obviously. This is some
    emission from the earth. From the depths of the earth. Some emission of
    02:13-02:17 and this material has spread around big area.
    02:18-02:29 I dont think that spread was accompanied with ANY EXPLOSIONS
    (translators coment: !!!!) because an explosion suggests som high
    temperature involved , but we find no tracs of that, and no anything burnt.
    02:30-02:34 Purely mechanical splash (trans, com. yes she extactly said
    02:35-02:39 There is much work for the scientists in the future ( trans.
    coment . i hop soo..) first results is preliminary.
    02:40-02:50 I want to remind that todays expedition could be possible
    through order by governor Mr. Kabilkin and he’s crew members. Report made
    by our channel.
    (trans. com. this is funnies thing I translated ever) 

  6. Титан вылетел из Яма ла, как говорят последние великаны ушли в Тартар,
    скоро их много вылезут в бронях и начнут чандалв мочить))

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